aussies workers suffer the mushroom syndrome - kept in the dark at work

50% of Australians get their information at the water-cooler according to a survey by Talent2, Australia?s leading recruitment and hr firm.

80% of the 1,960 respondents said they really didn?t know what was going on at work as internal communications were sadly lacking and 41% believe that not even their managers had a clear view of company goings on.

Mr Neil Galvin of Talent2 says poor communication at work leads to frustration, resentment and high employee turnover.

"Keep employees informed about major happenings such as IT upgrades, staff movements, increases or decreases in sales, financial standings. If an employee feels they are a vital cog in the machine, they will work harder and feel they have a vested interest in the company,"

"It is all about getting a balance in the level of communication, though. A boss that sends long, rambling emails about his or her thoughts of the day might be seen as"

"Employees do not necessarily need to know every details of what is happening in a company, oftentimes this can be overwhelming and unnecessary, and can lead to information overload, however an open, honest and transparent managerial team is vital."


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