Karaoke Nursery Rhymes

Karaoke Nursery Rhymes is the perfect sing along album for preschoolers, or anyone with a love of nursery rhymes. Tracks include Humpty Dumpty, Old McDonald, Three Blind Mice, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Hickory Dickory.

Play School has always been interactive in nature. Children feel like the presenters are speaking to them alone, and they're encouraged to join in the show's activities, sing the songs and become part of the whole Play School experience.

now Play School's become a whole lot more interactive - and taken a step into the technologically savvy world of twenty-first century toddlers - with the release of the Play School Karaoke Songs album.

Play School Karaoke Songs features the new CD+G technology (which stands for CD plus graphics). That simply means there's music and sensational images - so eager young performers not only have the backing music to their favourite hit song, but also the lyrics and some fun video footage as well.

Each song is presented first in its familiar form - with amusing lyrics, appealing music and a simple, catchy arragnement. The songs are then followed with a karaoke version, minus the vocals, giving kids a chance to star in their very own Play School episode.

The songs are all readily recognisable to Play School eager young viewers, and parents will know them too, which makes singing along both easy and heaps of fun.

Track Listing:

1. Three Blind Mice
2. Three Blind Mice (Karaoke)
3. Baa Baa Black sheep
4. Baa Baa Black sheep (Karaoke)
5. Pop Goes The Weasel
6. Pop Goes The Weasel (Karaoke)
7. Little Peter Rabbit
8. Little Peter Rabbit (Karaoke)
9. Five Little Ducks
10. Five Little Ducks (Karaoke)
11. Humpty Dumpty
12. Humpty Dumpty (Karaoke)
13. Hickory Dickory Dock
14. Hickory Dickory Dock (Karaoke)
15. It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
16. It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (Karaoke)
17. Jack and Jill
18. Jack and Jill (Karoke)
19. Little Bo Peep
20. Little Bo Peep (Karaoke)
21. Old MacDonald
22. Old MacDonald (Karaoke)
23. Ring a Ring a Rosie
24. Ring a Ring a Rosie (Karaoke)
25. This Old Man
26. This Old Man (Karaoke)
27. Miss Polly
28. Miss Polly (Karaoke)
29. Incy Wincy
30. Incy Wincy (Karaoke)
31. Mary Had a Little Lamb
32. Mary Had a Little Lamb (Karaoke)

Duration: 40 mins. RRP $14.95
Available through www.abcshop.com.au


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