Analeena on Gossip Girl

Analeena on Gossip Girl

Analeena, the luxury handbag label has been spotted on the Upper East siders.
Summer in Paris may be over but the style is sizzling.
Check out not just one character from the show donning these exquisite luxuries but at least four of ourfavourites wearing them with elegant ease. Serena, Lily, Blair and new Upper East Sider, Juliet, are all rocking their own Analeena handbag!

If it's hot enough for the New York City's elite, you know it will be on every girl's wishlist.

... you know we love you XOXO

Introducing the designer behind the luxury handbag range that beat the recession and whose accessories line is selling out worldwide? Welcome to the stylish World of Lina H

Lina H is the visionary behind the luxury label analeena, creating pure, unadulterated luxury. With her bags retailing between 1500 and 12,000, everyone is asking how she not only survived the recession but launched such an exclusive label in the midst of it. The answer is simple - everything she produces reflects her exclusive approach to elegance. Her unique sense of aesthetics has already earned her a distinguished place in the world of luxury. The ambition behind analeena is to evolve and develop the distinctive design universe reflecting lina h's unique style and passion for all things luxe.

Lina H has established analeena as a brand to be rivaled with, selling in the world's most exclusive department stores and being sported on the arms of the world's most influential people. analeena is a classic trendsetter amongst the world's elite, supported by innovation and the finest italian craftsmanship. stunning design is setting analeena apart from the rest.

The use of exotic skins from python to crocodile in a vast spectrum of colours ensures that each collection is as vibrant and inventive as the last.

Lina H's unprecedented innovation and passion that is the backbone of the analeena range has produced design elements that are unique to analeena and enhance the excellence and exclusivity of the brand. From secret umbrella pockets to mini torches to bag hangers, combining supreme class hand in hand with practicality. The combination of lizard handles and crocodile skin bags in the analeena signature collection create a durable yet beautiful partnership.

Exquisite design details such as rose gold threaded seams in the rock 'n' roll collection and the calla lily buckle representing luxury in the signature collection show what analeena is all about. The calla lily buckle is embedded with an evil eye to ward off jealousy, showing just how far the detail and execution of these bags and accessories embody the incomparable elegance that is the analeena brand. Inspired by the cool of the city and the sexiness of the french riviera, designer Lina H very much imposes her own style rather than being guided by the trends of the season and creates unadulterated luxury, perfection and nothing less than pieces to be treasured.

Following great success with the first collection Lina H has now introduced a line of accessories - a beautiful selection of mini tasters of analeena luxury to compliment the handbag range. The collection includes wallets, blackberry cases, laptop cases and belts.

analeena is like a beautiful piece of jewellery. each one is individual, vibrant, elegant and tactile. Perhaps most importantly, timeless, a treasure to be handed down through generations.

With analeena continuing to grow and selling out worldwide, we ask ourselves where the passion and innovation comes from?

Currently living in Paris but jet setting all over the world looking for inspiration, Lina H has always had a passion for high luxury and design? from an early age Lina H's flair for fashion and design did not go unnoticed, and by the age of 21 she was a buyer for the legendary Hermes in London. Lina H holds Hermes dear to her heart: "Hermes taught me something very important about luxury, never compromise, stick to high standards whatever it takes. That's why I buy my skins from them now, and everything is made in the finest ateliers in Italy."

She she also spent a number of years working with Jean Louis Scherrer Haute couture, where it was emphasized further that craftsmanship and the most exquisite materials are what create luxury and elegance. After spending up to an amazing 100 hours on each dress, forming relationships with the best Parisian embroidery ateliers, swamped in the most luxurious fabrics lina yearned to learn as much as she could from the tailors.

Before the shows Lina H would work 24 hours round the clock, she recalls: "no sleep, just coffee from the small machine in the corridor, sometimes the tailors fainted and it was vital that they woke up because it's the same person that starts a dress and finishes it!" all of this, valuable experience gave Lina H the motivation and savvy to stand on her own two feet and be free to design for herself, so Lina H couture was born.

Free to express herself and her passion for luxury lina h threw herself into designing and before she knew it she was known as the 'little one with magic fingers' rescuing many at the last minute!

During cannes film festival lots of celebrities fell in love with Lina H's designs (without the help of Pr what-so-ever). Whilst sitting in a cafe, drinking bucket loads of black coffee Lina was interrupted by Paolo ohelo who asked to share her table. The next thing she knew she was at the chopard party sitting next to the CEO of Audi, who she was later asked to design for (fast forward a few years and you can'tmiss analeena on the red carpet.)

So we come to the birth of analeena. Sitting in Hermes with a friend, trying to order a bag, going throughthe leather book, touching skins and looking at the colours, but not quite finding what she was looking for,Lina H realised that her passion could take her in a new direction. Lina H's compelling designs reinforce the fact that analeena is more than just a handbag? analeena is pure luxury. Classic but with a twist of youth. Timeless yet young. Chic and sexy. Lina H is without a doubt one to watch.


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