80's Fashion re-visited - scary but true!

With the 80's fashion renaissance, many fashion faux pas are being trotted out of the fashion hall of shame. And sadly, many of them appeared at Melbourne's fashion week. If you didn't experience the horror of 80's fashion first hand, take a trip down memory lane with Girl to discover which trends should not be revisited, ensuring you are more fashion savvy than fashion slave.

80's Flops

Ra ra and bubble skirts - these short, ruffled or puffed monstrosities are best left alone. Very unflattering and originally teamed with a wide elastic belt - it's a look we can do without.

Fluorescent socks and t-shirts - fluoro colours look best in the form of fluoro textas. Enough said.

Drop waisted dresses - again, seriously unflattering - makes short girls look shorter and adds 5 kilos to even Christina Aguilera .

Lace gloves - no no no no - particularly if they are fingerless! Save the lace as detail on dresses and tops.

Fergie bows - in the hair - sorry girls - this is particularly nasty. It's more Minnie Mouse than marvellous. A floral or jewelled clip is much more chic.

White leather fringed cowboy boots - Not unless you're Dolly Parton and you're boot scooting!

80's Fabulous

Tie sleeve and Batwing tops - tops with slashed sleeves tied at the wrist or shoulder, or sleeves extending from the waist to armpit. Teamed with a low-slung belt, tailored pants and pointy toe shoes it's a classic look with an edgy twist.

Drop earrings - we can do this. Drop chain earrings with charms attached such as leaves can look cute and kitschy.

Micro minis - If you have fabulous legs flaunt them! Pair with a studded belt and ankle boots for a new take on the rock chick look.

Big gold earrings - if it's good enough for Jennifer Lopez, its good enough for us! Try solid gold hoops with big hair for excessive glamour.

Multiple belts - teamed with hipster jeans or pants, this look works. Layer several skinny coloured belts, or buy one extra long belt that wraps around your hips several times for a directional look.

Coloured tights - originally in solid cobalt blue, emerald green and red, some of us may even confess to cutting one leg off two different coloured pairs, wearing them together for two different coloured legs. EEK!

This time round, pair coloured or camel toned fishnet tights with a knee length skirt, knee high leather boots and a turtleneck for a subtly funky effect.

Still not sure you've got what it takes to emerge from the 80's fashion resurgence unscathed? Drop resident Material Girl, Belinda Tartaglia a line for advice on avoiding fashion disasters.

- Rachael