Ash Lane 5 Day Challenge

Ash Lane 5 Day Challenge

Ash Lane (15.7K) as a new client. Her philosophy is eat more and train less.


The Ash Lane 12-week program is structured around educating women on how to lose fat for good, using her evidence-based program that removes the restrictive and unsustainable diets that are usually paired with endless sweat-sesh cardio classes. Ash empowers women through weight training and fuelling their bodies in a way that has so far never seemed possible. Many women have been guided by her to successfully reach their fitness goal, some loosing over 10kg in just 12 weeks.


Ash's 5 Day Challenge, which 4,000 women have already joined.



If you love your food as much as I do, and exercise regularly without seeing results then Ash Lane program is for you, it got me onto the right path, with a realistic and educational approach to losing weight. I thought I'd heard it all, but after taking the Ash Lane 5 Day Challenge I have a new perspective and resolve on who I can reach my goal weight.  So often we put pressure on ourselves to diet, exercise, stress less, sleep more and make a regular routine, but with a bit of education this can become a very simple process.


Ash Lane has taught me so much in just 5 short 45-minute sessions.

1. Metabolism - what is mine, and how do I get it to work for me.

2. Calorie Deficit & Maintenance - sorry what?  By tracking what, when and how you currently intake calories, Ash can help you tailor a program that is specific for YOU, helping you reach your goal faster.  Remember we all have different intakes and schedules, so it needs to be personal for it to work.

3. Training Types - what are the different types of training, i.e. hit, cardio, yoga, but what will work best for me?

4. Diet is a dirty word - in Ash Lane's program you will learn how to identify your food intake, your expenditure so you can track an intake that is right and achievable for your body.


Apart from all the wonderful things I learned about food and my own habits, the Ash Lane program has a great Facebook group, where you can share stories, help, support and motivate each other, sharing in each other's journey.  It's a great way to keep focused and motivated.  To my friends out there not sure, I say "do it" you will not regret, it's that that helping hand you need to get started.




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