Bad Pennies - Luke Brizzi

Bad Pennies - Luke Brizzi

1. How did it feel to hear your song played all over the airwaves?
It's always a buzz. It's hard not to be too self critical though

2. Did you have any pre-conceived ideas about the music industry?
That it was tough. Actors and muso's have the hardest industries to crack but as long as you keep your head down and your arse up you can make it through the hardest times.

3. Do you write your own songs? What's your inspiration?
Absolutely.Inspirations? My mood normally determines what I write and believe me, that changes fast.

4. What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?
It depends on the day. Yesterday it was Stevie Wonder and today it was KISS.

5. What's next? Tour/Album/Single?
All of the above but in a different order. Our new single "Already tried is out now through MGM. We are off on a tour next month and then it's back to the studio."

6. Was there a moment you contemplated throwing in the towel?
Yesterday, today, last week. No seriously, you can get very down when things aren't going right but you can't stop. People work their way up from Bankruptcy and somehow make millions again, why should I throw in the towel? I want my millions!

7. Do you prefer performing live or recording?
Live. You can't beat the feeling of being up on stage.

8. What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?
KISS. The four guys in make-up that took over the world.

9. What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?
Everything is a challenge and that's healthy. I think the biggest challenge was finding a manager that knew what we wanted. It's important to have harmony through the ranks and we are one of the fortunate bands that have it. We are all best friends and our manager is the fifth member

10. What's a typical day like?
Phone call after phone call! Ten years from now when I have head cancer and my brain is melting out of my ears I won't have to look too far for the cause.

11. What has been your favorite part of becoming a music artist?
Having people love your songs.

12. If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?
John Lennon. I know it would be kinda hard at this current time but I'll be taking a guitar with me when I leave this place so anything's possible.

13. Are you single? What do you look for in a partner?

14. Do you have a website fans can visit? Check it out. The pictures of the chick and the goat are?. Just kidding.

15. Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life?
Laughter, love, sight, hearing, pizza.

16. What message would you like to say to your fans?
Thank you.

60 Second Quiz

Full Name: Luke Brizzi
Nickname(s): skin. (I don't know who, why or where that came from but it stuck).
Star Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Film: The Exorcist
Favorite Actor: Edward Norton
Pet: 2 Bulldogs, Stan and Penny.
Describe yourself in 3 words: Blessed, stubborn, determined.
Best Feature: Apparently I have great lips?
Worst Feature: I hate my nose.
Person You Would Most Like to Meet: My grandparents. They died before I was born.
Hobbies/Interests: Music, sleeping, pizza.
First Job: Supermarket. Didn't we all?
Are you a Pub, Bar or Club kind: Pub
What Can You Never Leave Home Without: Mobile phone (ironic isn't it?)
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: Going back to sleep.

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