Brunas Thongs

Brunas Thongs
Brunas, the new range of thongs from the people who brought Havaianas to Australia.Meet Bruna Daudt , the name and face behind"Bruna" -the next big thing in summer foot wear,brought to us by Aqueo Import and Distribution -the home of Havaianas.

A collection that features just 7 styles ranging fromstuds to crystals, the exclusively customized Dupéflip flops have been transformed into "Bruna" -edgy summer rubber that carry feet from the sandinto the twilight...

After moving to Australia from Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, in 2005 to study and experience Australianculture and lifestyle, it was not long before Brunadiscovered her calling, and so it seems, the "thonggenes" run in the family...

"My Auntie Amelia introduced Australia toHavaianas - she is a huge inspiration to me. Sincemy arrival in Australia, I worked for her in the Aqueowarehouse later moving into marketing and PR.From a young age, I have always customized myfashion and style", Bruna says.

"When I presented the idea to Amelia to customizethongs and showed her my designs, she gave mean amazing opportunity. I am so proud of my firstrange, and have taken a lot of inspiration from myBrazilian heritage."

Enter BRUNA, a range of customized thongsinspired by Bruna's favourite places in Brazil.

Available in store now.

Bruna Thongs are available at selected General Pants stores and Little Joe. To find a stockist near you, call 02 9369 0500.

Anyone who wears thongs would know that the only thong worth buying was Havaiana... until now.. enter Bruna. With the same comfort, but with more style to make sure you are dressed and comfortable for any occassion, they are sure to become the next MUST have for summer.

With an impressive range of styles you can be truly Australia, with style!

For those who have not tried thongs before, it's time. Break yourself in by wearing them around the house & backyard as slippers. But beware you will soon want the complete range to match every outfit because you won't want to take them off.

Traditionally thongs were cheap and uncomfortable for most of us, but there is a new breed - Bruna thongs and they are the perfect fit for feet that are a bit sensitive or suffer from psoriasis. Bruna's thongs allow airflow to your feet, so they don't overheat, sweat then crack, plus they also provide supporting cushion under your feet.


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