Lyloh Outfit in a Box Dresses and Sarongs

Lyloh Outfit in a Box Dresses and Sarongs



Madonna, Paris and JLo know all too well that a fashion face-off is an ego shattering catastrophe no woman would wish to experience. Who wore it better, who had the best accessories, who has the best legs, who really wants to be ridiculed?

In aworld of cult trends and highly influential designers not even a celebrity stylist can prevent such an occurrence. Faced withher own fashion battle one unforgettable evening, Lyloh decided to create her own outfits so it would never happen again.The only problem was she hadn?t a clue how to sew and so the completely seamless Outfit in a Box was born.

Lyloh experimented and played with beautiful fabrics until she came up with a range of outfits for ladies using just the LylohSarong, a snazzy buckle, elastic beads, stretch belt and pins. Lyloh is excited to launch her Summer 2009/2010 range.

The new summer range consists of ten sarong prints all uniquely hand made that allow for endless designs without a singlestitch. The How to Create an Outfit Guide (as attached) provides eight outfit ideas including tops, skirts, shorts, maxi halterdresses, jumpsuits, boob tube dresses & pants. The Lyloh Online How to Guide Video will be released soon. The kit comeswith everything you need to become your own personal designer the only limitation is your own creativity.

Outfit in a Box comes in small, medium, large and extra large so that all sizes from petite to curvy can make their own outfitto suit their own shape. Made from breathable all natural materials, Lyloh sarongs are perfect on a hot summer?s day. Addyour own belts, heels, vests, scarves and jewellery to personalise.

Sarong price range RRP $44.00 - $64.00. Accessory pack includes stretch belt, elastics, buckle and pins RRP $24.00.

The Lyloh range in now available online, Lyloh showroom is at 7 Marvell St. Byron Bay & various stores.


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