Callebaut Indulgent Hot Chocolate

Callebaut Indulgent Hot Chocolate

Is there anything better than chocolate? We don't think so, which is why we also think there is no better day of the year than World Chocolate Day, which falls on Sunday 7th July.

To help us celebrate this delicious day, the creators of the finest Belgian chocolate, Callebaut, have shared some fun facts that make us want to eat even more chocolate than we already do:

- In its raw form, chocolate has the highest antioxidant percentage of any food on the planet. Additionally, dark chocolate is rich with more organic compounds than fruits such as açai berries and blueberries!
- A 1996 study showed that chocolate causes the release of endorphins that makes you feel happy
- Australians eat 32kg of chocolate each year, and consumption is on the rise with the market predicted to grow to a massive $4.3 billion by 2023
- Globally, roughly 1 billion people eat chocolate EVERY DAY
- Last year, the first new chocolate in 80 years was discovered- ruby chocolate, which is the reality of naturally occurring but rare ruby coloured beans
- Later this month, Callebaut will launch a milk chocolate that has only 1% sugar, which we think means we can eat twice as much with half the guilt.

750ml milk
250ml water
50g Callebaut Cocoa powder
125g Callebaut milk chocolate
125g Callebaut dark chocolate

Bring milk, water and the cocoa powder to the boil, stirring well with a whisk
Continue to boil for 2 minutes whilst stirring to allow mixture to slightly thicken
Pour over chocolate and using a stick blender emulsify well
Pour & serve, garnish with Callebaut dark shavings