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DB Cosmetics Day Dreamer Brush Set

DB Cosmetics Day Dreamer Brush Set

Freshen Up Your Collection

A complete set of fresh white makeup brushes with a soft pink gradient. With soft synthetic fibres that are perfect for both powder and liquid formulas, these unique looking brushes are an essential addition to any makeup kit. Each brush is individually labelled for easy identification and use. Store and carry using the included matching brush roll with its cute quilted pattern.

Includes (left to right):
Ultimate Brow Brush
Deluxe Crease Brush
Foundation/Buffing Brush
Tapered Powder Brush
Illuminating/Fan Brush
Large Powder/Blush Brush
Angled Contour Brush
Eye Shadow Blending Brush
Eye Shadow Brush
Liner Brush

Review: I’ve fallen in love with the DB Cosmetics Day Dreamer Brush Set not only for the gorgeous quilted case that lays the brushes out ever so gorgeously but suitably for an amateur like me, the brushes are all engraved with their name and use (otherwise I’d have surely confused the Foundation/Buffing brush with a Large Powder/Blush brush or Tapered Powder brush)!

I’ve been using the DB Cosmetics Day Dreamer brush set with the Keep Em' Klean Citrus Brush Cleaner which is AMAZING; it smells delicious and dries very fast on the easy to spread bristles of the brush collection.

At $29.99 the DB Cosmetics Day Dreamer brush set is an absolute bargain and did I mention they are vegan!
- Brooke Hunter

RRP $29.99

DB Cosmetics Lip Products

DB Cosmetics Lip Products

Take Your Lips To The Next Level

Matte and satin lip crayons with a luscious lip scrub to prep and primp your pout.


Lip Cocktail Delicious Lip Scrub

Prep and prime your pout with 4 delicious NEW lip scrubs. This sugar-based exfoliator buffs and polishes the lip surface to create a smooth finish that is perfect for applying any lip colour. With no greasy residue, this lip scrub washes off without a trace and since it smells good enough to eat, go ahead and lick your lips clean!
RRP $9.99

Lip Stix Creamy Lip Crayon

Add a dose of gorgeous colour to your look with 8 NEW shades of lightweight lip crayons. With a highly pigmented formula for maximum colour payoff, this creamy crayon has a non-drying finish for comfortable all day wear. Use the built-in sharpener at the end of the crayon to finesse the shape of the retractable colour tip, keeping your application on point.

With a mix of matte and satin finishes  and shades, this lip crayon is slimline and will leave your pout hydrated to perfection.

RRP $9.99

Fashion Palette

Fashion Palette

Australian Swim Brands to Unveil Their Creations at the Inaugural Fashion Palette Miami Swim Week Show

Miami's summer fashion is heating up with five Australian designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2019 collections on the international stage.

Australian events production company, Fashion Palette, is thrilled to announce its rst inaugural swimwear collection show featuring the Spring/Summer 2019 collections of ve Australian designers on one runway with the line-up made of Aqua Blu, TJ Swim, Lil & Emm, VDM the Label and Frankie Swimwear. Taking place Sunday 15 July in Miami surrounded by an oasis of tranquility and architectural beauty at The Setai Hotel.

Fashion Palette continues to serve as a podium for contemporary Australian fashion by offering international opportunities for designers to network and establish an array of connections within the global market. After being held for Seven years in New York, Fashion Palette is expanding into the Miami market to give Australian designers a chance to expose their labels to buyers, media and industry insiders.

"Australia has some of the world's best swim brands and I am proud to be representing such an amazing cross section of local talent in Miami for the rst time. From timeless pieces designed by TJ Swim to the bold feminine cuts by Aqua Blu, the much-loved styles by Lil & Emm and Frankie Swimwear through to the eco-friendly swimwear designed by VDM the Label," says Fashion Palette Founder, Sonya Mefaddi.

Founded in 2009, Fashion Palette is one of Australia's leading fashion agencies, focused on establishing innovative independent Australian labels into the US market. Connecting designers with global buyers, media, stylists, bloggers and industry professionals to help designers gain a bigger slice of their market. For more information visit

Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights

Spectrum Aurora Ring Lights

These Influencers All Have The Same Secret Weapon. And It’s Not What You’d Expect.


If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered why influencers always look so good, you might have caught yourself wondering what camera they use or what make up they’re wearing. But the truth is, for the top beauty, fashion and even fitness influencers, many of them have the same secret weapon; lighting.

Forget filters – the go-to product in a professional influencer’s toolkit are Spectrum Aurora ring lights. Used by top influencers from Cheryl Maitland to Roxy Jacenko, ring lights help create the perfect image by eliminating skin imperfections such as blemishes and wrinkles.

How does it work? It’s all in the design - the unique circle shape creates a wrap around effect casting a soft halo of light across your face. The dimmable control allows you to adjust the brightness to your desired output and effect.

Spectrum Aurora co-founder, Christine Nguyen, said her ring lights are extremely popular amongst influencers.

"You’d be hard pressed to come across a serious influencer on YouTube or Instagram who didn’t use a ring light – these are some of our biggest customers. It’s because the lights produce the colour temperature you’ll find from natural daylight, so it’s perfect for anyone wanting to mimic natural light conditions."

Celebrity makeup artist, Michael Brown, who regularly works with high profile names like Jesinta Franklin, says, "We all know that the best lighting is natural sunlight but we don’t always have access to it – I’m often working in hotels with clients in low light, doing makeup at night or early morning, so I use my ring light to help me work as well as take an amazing snap for social."

Fitness influencer and YouTuber, Georgie Stevenson said, "In social media, visuals are everything and followers expect your content to be of the highest quality or they just won’t engage. It’s amazing how professional your videos can look just with the addition of a right light."

According to Christine Nguyen, ring lights are also perfect for flat lay photography, the staple shot used by influencers to showcase products. But it’s not just beauty and lifestyle influencers jumping on the ring light trend.

"With Facebook Live becoming more popular, we’re starting to see ring lights being used by businesses, entrepreneurs and life coaches – really anyone who’s creating regular content that needs to look professional."

Spectrum Aurora offers a wide range of LED ring lights, starting from $329.99 through to $1,069.99 for a full studio kit with light stands and LED panels. And those looking for something a little smaller, the Spectrum Aurora selfie ring-light attaches to your phone, available for just $39.99.

Spectrum Aurora is Australia’s premium ring light company, led by a team of professional photographers. Offering a range of products for make up, beauty, hair salons, flat lay photography, vloggers, social media influencers, creative agencies, tattoo artists, brow & lashes and more, Spectrum Aurora stocks the largest range of LED ring lights and studio ring light kits in Australia.

australis Make Me Matte Liquid Eyeliner

australis Make Me Matte Liquid Eyeliner

No-mess liquid liner? You'll want to see this...

This new eyeliner provides a comfortable, easy and mess-free application that allows anyone to achieve the perfect bold, matte lines.

RRP: $13.95

High Roller Diamond Makeup Sponge

High Roller Diamond Makeup Sponge

This soft, sponge helps to blend liquid and cream makeup products on the face.

The unique diamond shape allows liquid and cream products to be blended easily in hard to reach places to ensure that you are left with a flawless finish!

RRP: $12.95

Australis Stayput Foundation

Australis Stayput Foundation

Find Your Perfect Shade

A long-lasting, smudge-free foundation that contains moisturising multivitamins, antioxidants and broad spectrum SPF 15. A medium-full coverage for a radiant matte finish and suitable for all skin types.

RRP: $16.95

Get Glow Game Limited Edition Face Palette

Get Glow Game Limited Edition Face Palette

Glow Game On!

This Limited Edition Palette provides a variety of different shades to provide a flawless and glowing highlight, bronze or blush to any skin tone.

RRP: $24.95

P’ure Papaya Lip

P’ure Papaya Lip

Soothing Protection and Relief for Dry Lips this Winter, Naturally

Winter isn’t much fun for our skin and our lips aren’t immune from the damaging effects of dry, cold air and wind. In fact, given that the skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on the rest of our bodies, with no oil glands or ability to make moisture of their own, they’re usually the first to suffer when the temperature and humidity drops.  


To prevent and treat chapping, cracking and (gasp) bleeding lips this winter, P’ure Papayacare has revamped its original all-natural formula to create P’ure Papaya Lips.  The much loved, all-natural papaya ointment is now vegan, and comes in a lip-friendly tube with an applicator, to specifically soothe and hydrate lips this winter.


To keep your pout in perfect form, P’ure Papayacare’s resident naturopath, Melissa Argiro shares her top tips for taking care of lips this winter, and some of them might surprise you.

Beware Petroleum Based Lip Balms

Regular lip balm offers the fastest remedy for chapped, dry lips, but according to Argiro, many lip balms can actually dehydrate your lips. "Lip balms containing a base of petroleum jelly create a physical barrier against the skin which prevents moisture from being absorbed," says Argiro. "Although lip balms containing petroleum may feel nice and smooth on your lips when first applied, in the end they will dry out your lips, so look for a lip balm free from petroleum, like our P’ure Papaya Ointment," she says.


Designed to moisturise, nourish and protect lips, P’ure Papaya Lips uses a unique, natural formula comprising of five key ingredients: papaya, shea butter, calendula, macadamia oil and jojoba oil. Additionally, it’s completely free from petrochemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrances commonly found in other lip balms, including other ‘pawpaw’ ointments, which can contain only a small trace of papaya, and up to 96 percent petroleum jelly.

Leave The Lip Licking

If you’re stuck without your Papaya Ointment, it can be tempting to lick your lips to give them a quick hit of moisture, however Argiro says that this is a sure way to dry them out.  "Many people think that licking their lips will moisturise dry skin, however, saliva contains acids that break down food, which can also dry and irritate the lips."


Do Not Exfoliate Your Lips with a Toothbrush

"Ouch! Please don’t do this," says Argiro. "Brushing your chapped lips with a toothbrush can often worsen the condition and lead to cracking your chapped lips, which is not only painful but can make your lips prone to infections. "The skin on our lips is extremely soft and fragile and the bristles on a toothbrush are much too harsh on the delicate skin," she says. Instead, Argiro advises opting for a lip balm containing calendula and jojoba oils, which aid in healing and regenerating skin cells.


Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Winter sees most of us increasing our coffee intake, which can also contribute to dry, chapped lips, according to Argiro.  "Consuming large amounts of caffeine can leach moisture from the inside, and the skin on our lips, being so thin, is highly susceptible to dehydration.  Try swapping out some of your caffeinated beverages for a herbal tea which boost your hydration levels, rather than sapping them," she says.


Outrule Any Other Underlying Causes

There are a number of other factors that could be causing or worsening your dry lips, says Argiro.  "Allergies to harsh ingredients in your lip balm or cosmetics, your nutritional intake, certain foods, poor hydration levels and even snoring can cause or worsen dry lips," she says. "If you suffer chronic chapped lips, there might be something else at play that you need to investigate.  Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating well?  Do you need to sleep with a humidifier on?"  In other words, rather than only treating the symptoms, try to look at the big picture.


P’ure Papaya Lips is a vegan friendly formula and is available in 10g tubes from selected pharmacies and health food stockists, both in store and online.

P’ure Papaya Lips
RRP $5.99/10g

TerryWhite Chemmart and DB Cosmetics Unite for The Heart Foundation

TerryWhite Chemmart and DB Cosmetics Unite for The Heart Foundation

Heart Foundation Raises Awareness of Symptoms with Limited Edition Lipstick Shades

Affairs of the heart are not always romantic.

Do you know the signs of heart attack?
Non chest pain symptoms can go unnoticed, seemingly invisible. Don't let a heart attack be the first sign – know your risks and the health of your heart.

Purchase a specially marked Designer Brands lipstick/lip gloss and support The Heart Foundation's efforts to improve women's heart health. TerryWhite Chemmart will donate $3 from every sale directly to the Heart Foundation.

RRP: $6.99
Exclusive to TerryWhite Chemmart

australis Metallix Eye Shadow

australis Metallix Eye Shadow

3 NEW Shades

Selena Gold-mez
Silver Club 7

Create on-trend eye looks with 3 new metallix eyeshadow shades.

Cream eyeshadow that will provide high coverage and intense colour pay off, leaving your eyes with a metallic foil finish!

Metallix cream eyeshadows contain Vitamin E and anti-oxidants to help smooth and soften the eyelids whilst hydrating and protection against UV.

RRP: $9.95

essence Autumn Winter Update

essence Autumn Winter Update

Trendy, unique and high-quality beauty products – that’s what essence stands for!

From May 2018, the autumn/winter update is here with lots of product highlights related to the biggest trends on the beauty market. In addition to iridescent effects, essence has new professional tools in the assortment. The perfect companions for awesome girl power styles.

get your glitter on! loose glitters 

Course glitter flakes, colorful confetti or glitter dust, these are the glitter pigments you need for a breathtaking, individual look. Each glitter already creates an amazing wow-look worn solo, but in combination with other glitter shades or types, they make a real statement! No matter whether it‘s for the face or body: get your glitter on!

RRP $6.15


get your glitter on! glitter primer 

This primer is the ideal base for applying all kinds of glitter and can be used on the face and body.

RRP $5.75


the sili helpers 

A silicon tool to apply the “get your glitter on!” glitter particles in an optimal and clean manner. The slim, slanted glitter and pigment applicator allows an easy and accurate application of glitter and pigments.


glow to go highlighter palette 

The palette contains two highlighters and bronzers each, which can be applied solo or combined to create a radiant, sun-kissed look on the face, décolletage or shoulders.

RRP $9.20


glow to go illuminating setting spray 

The spray sets the make-up in place and instantly creates a radiant look with its light-reflecting pigments. The soft-focus effect evens out small skin irregularities.

RRP $6.75


glow like a mermaid highlighter 

The highlighting powder with six radiant colours is reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail and provides the cheeks and face with the shimmering glow of a magical underwater world.

RRP $7.15


holo wow! sparkle stick 

The practical stick with fine holographic pigments in pink and gold conjures-up
shimmering highlights on the cheekbones.

RRP $7.15


eyeshadow boxes 

Each of the four extraordinary palettes not only offers a selection of highly pigmented shades, but also lets your eye make-up tell its very own story. No matter whether you go for nude shades with the “million nude faces” version, soft to intensive rosé shades with “in love with rose” or gorgeous “mermaid” looks with holographic effects with “to the moon and back” – all palettes contain ten highly pigmented, long-lasting eyeshadows with matt and pearly effects.

RRP $8.20


volume hero mascara power black 

The new hero mascara guarantees extra volume and maximum lashes. The large elastomer volume brush captures lots of texture and is sure to reach every single lash.

RRP $6.15


super curl volume mascara eye-opening The mascara with a curved elastomer brush ensures endless volume with a breathtaking curl and an
 eye-opening effect.

RRP $6.15


maximum definition volume mascara No lash can escape this mascara: The innovative and flexible synthetic brush reaches even the shortest lashes in the corner of your eye for perfect lengthening effects from base to tips.

For a beautiful look.

RRP $5.75


fresh & fit awake primer 

Used solo or applied underneath foundation, the light
texture of the primer with light-reflecting pigments ensures a smooth, fresh complexion and extends the durability of make-up. With vitamins and cranberry water.

RRP $7.15


fresh & fit awake make-up 

Enriched with a vitamin complex and cranberry water, the foundation “wakes up” the skin and gives it a healthy look. The delicate light reflecting pigments ensure a smooth
complexion with a fresh touch.

30 ml, RRP $10.20


colour up! shine on lipstick 

The soft lipstick texture can be intensified with each application to allow subtle as well as bold looks.

Twelve colours with a gorgeous shine turn these lipsticks into the ideal daily companions.

RRP $4.70


colour boost vinylicious liquid lipstick These liquid lipsticks offer high colour          pigmentation and a breathtaking, glossy finish reminiscent of melted latex. Available in a cool tube design and a varied colour range.

RRP $5.75


draw the line! instant colour lipliner 

These supple lipliners are colour-coordinated with the ultra last
instant colour lipsticks and effortlessly glide over the lips to outline them. With an integrated sharpener.

RRP $3.05 

ELES Autumn Collection Palette

ELES Autumn Collection Palette

From glittery bronze to deep plum... the new Autumn Look is ultra-feminine!

Housed in one sleek, versatile compact, the ELES Autumn Collection palette is your go-to beauty staple providing colour and instant radiance to your everyday look.


Containing the perfect bronze for contouring, a gorgeous warm blush, as well as two shimmer eye shades to create the prettiest smoky eye, the products are free of chemical ‘nasties’ and rich in skin nurturing ingredients including vitamins A, E & C to protect and condition the skin.


Perfect for creating stunning looks from day to night or for little touch ups throughout the day.


owder Bronzer in Bronzeberry

A long-lasting pearlised bronzer that’s the perfect combination of bronze and berry tones. Provides skin with a natural, radiant glow.


Mineral Blush in Teaberry

This revolutionary, skin-smoothing blush floats over skin to impart a soft, sheer finish.


Mineral Shadows in Concord and Caramel

Blended with minerals and vitamins these shimmer shadows sweep over eyelids without creasing or fading providing vibrant colour with long-lasting staying power.


RRP: $94.00


ELES Cosmetics is available online at and in selected beauty salons and day spas nationally.

3SIXT JetPak Lipstik and Compact Mirror

3SIXT JetPak Lipstik and Compact Mirror

3SIXT has the perfect gadgets to make mum's life a little bit easier, while still ensuring optimum performance and style.

3SIXT JetPak Lipstik

Is Mum always on the run and always out of battery? Give the gift of battery life this Mother's day, with 3SIXT's JetPak Lipstik Power Bank. The compact, lightweight battery charger offers one full recharge for standard smartphones, the perfect addition to Mum's handbag!

RRP: $24.95 AUD
Stockist: Optus, Virgin, Telstra, Newslink, Tech2Go, Harvey Norman, Network Communications, Fone King and all leading independent retail stores.

3SIXT JetPak Compact Mirror

This compact mirror and PowerBank in one offers a sleek foldable design for easy concealment, ideal for when Mum needs both a touch up as well as a power up. With 8 LED's which ensure a bright clean reflection, you can't go wrong with the JetPak Compact Mirror this Mother's Day.

RRP: $39.95 AUD
Stockist: Optus, Virgin, Telstra, Newslink, Tech2Go, Harvey Norman, Network Communications, Fone King and all leading independent retail stores.

Kooki U Teen Makeup

Kooki U Teen Makeup
Kooki U is a new Australian made cosmetics and body products range created for the kids to tweens market that’s making play and experimentation fun and affordable.

Suitable for young skin, the mineral-based make up collection is providing a range of bright and funky products that teens will love. From mascara, to lip gloss, liners and lipsticks, as well as body shimmers, pop-colour nail polishes, and bath care products, Kooki U has a product for every child to have fun with!

Mineral Mascara  $12.95

Dancing Sparkly Eyeshadow  $14.95

Lippy Liptints $14.95

Kooki U’s mineral make up and products are made using natural ingredients, with many of their formulations based on natural Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Juice, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Oils (Almond, Avocado, Rosehip, Pumpkin, Apricot Kernal), Green Tea and Kakadu Plum Extract. Products start from RRP $7.95 up to RRP $24.95.

Review: Smoothe texture, light feel and non irritable makes a perfect selection for those wanted to get started experimenting in makeup.

DB Cosmetics Velvet Matte Foundation

DB Cosmetics Velvet Matte Foundation

From The Meet Your Match Collection

If the dewy trend is not quite your thing, NEW Velvet Matte Foundation is the perfect solution. Create a perfectly matte base that looks like real skin, without dryness or a powdery finish. Build to your desired level, from medium to flawlessly full coverage using a damp beauty blender or foundation brush. Not just a pretty face, this foundation is also enriched with skin loving ingredients; Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C & E and a Peptide Infusion that plumps and firms the complexion.

RRP $16.99

Australis Colour Clique Finishing Powder

Australis Colour Clique Finishing Powder

Australis Colour Clique Finishing Powder


Mix the 4 coloured powders together and use as a finishing powder after foundation to set and perfect your look, and neutralize any remaining imperfections.


Warm – For skin with yellow, golden or olive undertones

Cool – For skin with pink, red or blue undertones


RRP:  $19.95

Australis Limited Edition Unicorn Range

Australis Limited Edition Unicorn Range

Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn

We're here to satisfy your unicorn-loving hearts with this lust-worthy and Instagrammable range!


Unicorn Drops in Purple, Bronze and White
Unicorn Drop shave a silky smooth formula and can be used on its own as liquid highlight or added to your fave foundation for an all-over luminous glow.
RRP: $19.99

Eyes on Unicorn Cream Eyeshadow Palette
This stunning palette contains 8 shimmery cream eyeshadows that will give you a stunning unicorn glow to your lids!
RRP: $19.99

Unicorn Liquid Lips in Pink Dream, Gold Rays, Blue Sky and Purple Hue.
This long lasting lip cream gives your lips a gorgeous sheer pop of colour. Can be worn alone or over your fave AC lipcolour.
RRP: $10.49

Meet mark.

Meet mark.

Australia’s hottest new make-up brand is set to make its mark


Magix Face Primer This air-light, gel-powder formula keeps shine at bay for up to 10 hours. Its oil free, non-greasy texture means it won’t settle into pores as it wears. The colourless formulation visibly smooths pores and fine lines, so you can wear it alone or under foundation.
RRP: $29.99

Air Matte Mousse Foundation This whisper-soft mousse feels like nothing on the skin and its velvet-touch formula glides on effortlessly for seamless blending, providing a cashmere-look finish. Available in nine shades, including Creamy Natural, Nude and Pure Beige.
RRP $24.99

Nude Matte Pressed Powder SPF 30 Providing all-day shine control with a lightweight, barely there feel, the Nude Matte Pressed Powder visibly evens skin tone while blurring imperfections. Buildable light to medium coverage with natural matte finish. Available in four shades including Fair Pink, Tawny, Medium, and Natural.
RRP $19.99

Be Blushed Cream Blush Stick Creating a sheer, naturally flushed look that wears for hours, the Be Blushed Cream Blush Stick glides on smoothly for a lightweight, easy to blend finish and is multi-purpose – use on cheeks and lips! Available in three shades, including Blushing Nude, Powder Pink and Icy Petal.
RRP: $19.99


3D Plumping Lipstick Infused with collagen and retinol, the 3D Plumping Lipstick contains a dual plumping formula with SPF 15, helping to instantly boost lips’ moisture for a soft, voluminous feel. Available in ten light to full coverage shades, including Mad For Mauve, Rebel Red and Puckered Pink.
RRP $19.99

The Bold Lipstick For the boldest colour possible, these lipsticks are mark.’s mark’s most concentrated formula, packed full of pigment Available in 12 shades, including Bare Impact, Fearless Fuchsia and Berry Bold.
RRP: $19.99


Big & False Lash Volume Mascara Smudge, flake and clump proof, the Big & False Lash Volume Mascara includes a waterproof formula suitable for sensitive eyes, and a fibre blend formula for fluttery lash volume, all day.
RRP $19.99

Big & Multiplied Volume Mascara Instantly separating, detangling and volumizing for max lash impact, the Big & Multiplied Volume Mascara sticks to lashes, not itself, for clump free definition and waterproof formula lasts all day.
RRP: $19.99

Mega Effects Eye Liner With a slanted tip to help customise your look, the Mega Effects Eye Liner features a quick dry formula that applies smoothly without skipping or pulling. Provides intense, all-day water resistant definition.
RRP: $14.99

Skinny Precision Kohl No sharpener needed, just twist up for more colour! With a precision tip for on-point, crisp lines, the Skinny Precision Kohl has a bold, intense, dramatic colour payoff that won’t transfer or fade. Available in fives shades, including Deep Navy, Deep Brown and Boldest Black.
RRP: $14.99

Eye Impressionist 8-in-1 Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Palette Formulated with a clean, bright base for high impact colour, the Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Palette features a blendable formula that glides over eyelids with ease. Provides all-day, crease -resistant wear, and colour intensifies with applied wet.
RRP: $29.99

Perfect Eyebrow Kit This ultimate face-framer is non-smudging for perfectly groomed brows all day and includes a handy mirror for on-the-go touch-ups. Available in three shades, including Blonde, Soft Brown, and Deep Brown.
RRP: $19.99

18Hr Artist Eyeshadow Ink A blendable gel-cream formula with highly saturated pigments for bold colour payoff. The Freshwear Complex provides fade-proof, transfer-proof 18-hour wear with easy, versatile application – use a brush or your fingers! Available in seven shades, including Enduring Rose, Forever Bronze, and Eternal Emerald. RRP: $14.99


Gel Shine Nail Enamel With seven benefits in one bottle, this gel like, shiny salon finish nail enamel provides full coverage in one coat, while protecting and strengthening nails as it colours. Available in nine shades, including Wine and Dine Me, Roses Are Red and Sheer Love.
RRP: $14.99

Nail Style Studio Satin Matte Nail Enamel Stylish, semi matte finish, and high-impact, these statement nail colours add instant wow factor to your beauty look. Available in six shades, including Disco Diva, Hail To The Queen and Island Goddess.
RRP: $14.99

*All prices are special introductory prices, for a limited time only.



Superfoods for your skin? Say hello to Raww

If you thought superfoods were just for eating, newly launch brand Raww is here to prove just how beneficial superfoods can be for your skin and beauty routine.


Hitting shelves this month, Raww has a full range of colour cosmetics and skincare that are all infused with the natural goodness of superfoods (Certified Cruelty Free & Australian made)


Raww is here to give mainstream, chemical-based cosmetics a run for their money, showing beauty lovers everywhere that there are fantastic natural alternatives available for their favourite products.

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