Dash & Will Get Your Break! Recording Artists Interview

Dash & Will Get Your Break! Recording Artists Interview

Dash & Will Get Your Break! Recording Artists Interview

Get Your Break: Exclusive Interviews with Young Australian Recording Artists
How do you get the interest of a major label? What does it mean to get signed to a development deal? What are the steps in releasing an album?

Get Your Break! Recording Artists - the first of three titles launching Red Hill Press' Get Your Break! series in affiliation with the Reach Foundation (www.reach.org.au) which gets you up close with sixteen of Australia's hottest young bands and singer/songwriters to find out what it really takes to get your break in the music industry.

Hear from artists just starting their careers: Cassie Davis, Christian Lo Russo (AmyMeredith), Renee Cassar, through to veteran performers: Ben Lee, Kav Temperley(Eskimo Joe), Xavier Rudd. In their own words they talk openly about their inspiration and training, their creative process, their big break and their experiences in a fast-paced and unforgiving business.

Every aspect of the recording industry is explored - from booking your own gigs and financing an independent EP, to showcasing for labels and signing a record deal; from the challenges and highs of recording the debut album, to single selection, radio promotion and the relentless touring that goes into supporting any release.

Get Your Break! Recording Artists
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Interview with Josie DeSousa-Reay

Question: Why did you decide to participate in the Get Your Break! Series?

Josie DeSousa-Reay: The music industry is thought to be a tough industry to crack in to, and it definitely takes a lot of work - but it's important for people to know that it is possible to 'Get Your Break'! Charlie and I spent years writing and performing before we were "discovered", and those years are so important for honing skills and developing as a musician and songwriter. It's important for people to be aware and not feel discouraged by the reputation of the industry - and 'Get Your Break' is a great way for people to get an insight into the music industry and learn different ways to get their music out there.

Question: Can you talk about what is involved in releasing an album?

Josie DeSousa-Reay: Well, it all starts with songwriting! We spend months writing, then get a bunch of songs together that we love and think are really strong, pick our favourites (usually around 12 - 15 songs) and then we begin the exciting part... the recording process! Charlie and I have both co-produced everything we've recorded with Barry Palmer, Andy Baldwin and Lee Groves. After the recording of the album comes the mixing - getting all the levels perfect. Then, mastering! The final process that get's the songs sounding absolutely amazing! Now that the songs are recorded we move on to picking the album artwork, picking the singles for the album, the photo shoot, the film clips, the promo tour, the headline tour and of course, the title of the album!

Question: What advice do you have for young music artists?

Josie DeSousa-Reay: If music is what you love, and you are willing to work hard, you will find a way to get your foot into the industry. Play as many shows as you can, write as many songs as you can, hand your demos out to people, load your songs on to facebook/myspace/youtube so people can access your songs easily (this is how Lily Allen got her break), enter your songs in to competitions like JJJ Unearthed or the Music Oz awards... and remember to be original and stay true to yourself.

Question: How did you get a major record label interested in Dash & Will?

Josie DeSousa-Reay: Our manager set up showcases for us with all the major labels including Sony, Universal, EMI, Warner etc. We flew to and from Sydney, did our best to "rock out" for the execs while they sat expression-less in front of us and after a few months of negotiations, we signed with Universal. As we were already signed to our manager's label, we signed a Licensing Deal with Universal, which means we kept more creative control over our career.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Josie DeSousa-Reay: When we're busy and in the middle of releasing a single or album, we're on the go. We'll be somewhere in Australia, possibly on a promo tour, doing photo shoots, video clips, playing shows. When things are happening, they're honestly all happening at once! When it's quiet, we take time to enjoy our down time! We both have part-time jobs, we catch up with friends and family and just relax!

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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