Japanese Fashion and Korean Fashion - Street Style!!

Clothing these days is either the "it" thing or the sale bin. What truly makes a fashion statement isn't the brand label or the 'thing of the season', but individual flair. Whether your clothes preferences are cute, or preppy, or punk, Asian fashion has a knack for it. In recent years, Japanese and Korean fashion has been attracting attention from across the globe, from street styles to the haute couture of the world's biggest fashion houses, according to YesStyle.com the leading destination for Japanese and Korean fashion.

Asian fashion, which generally refers to Japanese and Korea clothing, have seen a surge of popularity along with their respective drama "waves" into the non-Asian community. With its music and entertainment industry spreading in popularity across the world also came exposure to the "Asian wave".

Long before 'kawaii' ('cute' in Japanese) and Harajuku's image as the place to see fashion crazy clothes and outfits, many non-Asians have already been crazed about the style that is Asia. The 80's clothing trend comeback? Girls here in Asia were wearing it at least a season before their western counterparts. Want to dress like a cute princess but not just for Halloween? Japanese girls do it year-round. Mini-skirts in sub-zero weather? Korean girls take that with ease. And all clothes can be matched with a pair of killer heels, all year round! YesStyle.com.au.

While high-end clothing brands and off the runway trends will always be seen on the streets, what makes Asian fashion so distinctive are the unique individual details added by adopting a mixture of current, basic and traditional clothes and accessories. While Asian clothing have a variety of types and even subcultures, it is the mix of both local and foreign brands that distinguishes an Asian fashionista from a non-Asian. Japanese and Korean fashion, some of which can be extreme and avant-garde, can even be seen in haute couture on European catwalks, which now look to the East for inspiration.

"A basic tee and jeans common?" Definitely. "A basic cotton dress not particularly smashing?" Probably... but topped with a crazy hat, accessories or glitzy shoes, that is the Asian fashion style. It's taking what is already there, and pumping some soul into it. Even between Japanese and Korean cultures, the styles are very different; some are more relaxed and laid back in style, Japanese clothes are about loud statements, and while Korean fashion is more about layers and accessories.

Looks and appearance play a huge role in Asian society. How you look is very important. But who needs to look at labels when sales occur all year round!

Labels from Korea and Japan show off the latest crazes and trends from each country, giving you an idea of what it really means to dress to impress, the Asian way.

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