Miriam and Olivia Nervo for Face of Australia

Miriam and Olivia Nervo for Face of Australia

Miriam and Olivia Nervo for Face of Australia

Leading Australian cosmetic brand, Face of Australia has signed identical twin-sister pop-hotties, Miriam and Olivia Nervo as their first brand ambassadors.

Currently based in the UK, these Melbourne born Aussie sisters who are busy writing, producing and DJing all across the globe have returned to their roots and are excited to be fronting Face of Australia Cosmetics, an Australia beauty brand they grew up using.

Last year Nervo wrote the number one David Guetta chart hit "When Love Takes Over" performed by Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child. From 2009 they also had a number one song somewhere in the world for 57 weeks in a row.

Carla Schwef- Brand Manager, Face of Australia, comments "We are thrilled to have both Liv and Mim as Face of Australia's first ever Brand Ambassadors. The Nervo twins have the music world at their feet, working with an array of A-list artists including Ke$ha, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, the Pussy Cat Dolls, Roger Sanchez, Kylie Minogue? the list goes on!"

"Upon considering Nervo's accomplishments as songwriters, musicians, producers, DJs, fashionistas, and now as artists in their own right. They were a natural choice to represent our iconic Australian cosmetic brand. Face of Australia is over 15 years old and founded in Melbourne" says Schwef.

"We love Nervo's natural beauty, down to earth nature, inspirational work ethic and relaxed sense of style. The girls truly represent the value of the Face of Australia woman who is beautiful inside and out."

Face of Australia cosmetics offer first class ingredients and innovative products that are fashionable, accessible and affordable for all Australian women.

Interview with Olivia Nevro

Question: How does it feel to be signed as the first brand ambassadors for Face of Australia?

Olivia Nevro: It was a real honour, we have grown up using the product so I have been aware of the brand my whole life, since I started using makeup. When Carla Schwef, the Face of Australia Brand Manager, approached us it was really exciting she explained that Face of Australia was looking at revamping their makeup. We were both totally flattered and we love the free makeup! Together we have learnt a lot about what goes into makeup and how toxic many makeup products, can be. We also learnt about how Face of Australia cosmetics treat their products it is all mineral makeup which means it is really good for your skin. The whole experience has been a really good learning curve and overall a real honour.

Question: Can you talk a little bit about the Face of Australia revamp?

Olivia Nevro: Yes! I think it was about getting myself and Miriam on board to become ambassadors, that was a major part of the revamp. Face of Australia have also come out with a whole lot of really cool new colours and ranges of nailpolish.

Question: What is your favourite Face of Australia product?

Olivia Nevro: There are a few, personally I like the primer because it is has soothing aspects which makes it really good for your skin and I believe it contains chamomile. I love the eyeliner! Since becoming the ambassadors for Face of Australia we have been given a whole lot of freebies and I am now really getting a little bit more creative, in terms of makeup, on my own face I have began embracing the eyeliner!

Question: How long have you been using Face of Australia products?

Olivia Nevro: I have always known about Face of Australia and recently I have had a few years off using the brand because we have been living away from Australia and I haven't had the chance to buy it.

When I was a teenager I began using Face of Australia, when I was first experimenting with makeup. Face of Australia was one of those brands that was affordable, for me.

Admittedly, I have had a break from using the Face of Australia products whilst I was away, but now I am back in Australia and my makeup kit is full of Face of Australia.

Question: How does it feel to hear songs you've written, played all over the airwaves?

Olivia Nevro: It is very exciting. I'll never get bored of the feeling, I love it! It is very flattering to hear your tracks. We are in a really good place, right now, we have worked really hard, for a really long time to get here and it really does feel like we are gaining some reward. Certainly hearing our song on the radio, in the supermarket or on a television advertisement is a real kick, every time.

Question: How long are you both in Australia, before you have to head back?

Olivia Nevro: Well we are here for another week and then Mim and I fly to Necker Island because we are playing for Sir Richard Branson for a charity event that he is organising for Halloween. It is going to be amazing! Then we are back in Australia again for the ARIAs.

Question: You've written tracks for a variety of international stars who has been your favourite to work with?

Olivia Nevro: Oh no! That would be like having to pick your favourite baby? or favourite child, I'd imagine! I can't say who my favourite is but we have had a huge buzz from the success we have had with Kelly Rowland, our biggest hit! With Ke$ha we had a deeper relationship because we really shared a lot of time together and we worked with Ke$ha way before she 'popped' and became a massive pop star. Ke$ha came over and stayed with us in London and we became really good friends working with Ke$ha was really great.

Question: So you worked with Ke$ha on the album Animal?

Olivia Nevro: Yes, we did. We wrote a few tracks on her debut album, Animal.

Question: Is she as crazy in real life as she seems throughout her music?

Olivia Nevro: Absolutely! She is dan?ger..ous (laughing)!

Question: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you choose?

Olivia Nevro: Ooh... I mean I have always loved Britney Spears I grew up with her as the pop princess so in the pop world I'd definitely like to meet Britney. We have been working with Britney's team of people for some time now so I am hoping that it is possible, but we are not too sure (fingers crossed)!

There are still a lot of artists in the club world that inspire us deeply. There is certainly a lot Australian talent who are a bit more on the Underground scene, rather than on the pop market, that we'd like to work with such as Bass Clef who is a really talented Australia DJ. There are a number of other DJ's around the world that we are working with, Max Vangeli is a Russian guy based in San Francisco and we will be working together.

We love all the big guys Cascade, Dead Mouse and David Guetta- who is still one of our all-time-favourites to work with, hopefully we will be doing more on his up and coming album.

Question: What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry because I know to begin with you were modeling?

Olivia Nevro: We were, we started modeling when we were 16 years-old because we were twins and a family photographer did a family portrait of us and he said "they are always looking for twins" and that kick started our commercial life. We started working, whilst we were in high school, it was a great experience and modeling was always really positive for us because it taught us how to be professional and get us into a 'work zone'.

We always really loved music so we started with a producer. When we first moved to London we had to make a decision between which one we were going to commit too and music was the obvious choice for us, there were always prettier girls than us and we really felt like we could write really good songs. We were out to prove a point, about that. Then, followed many dark years of waitressing and writing songs, we did miss modeling days then because modeling days were a lot easier if you did well as a model you'd go to a shoot and you'd have a beautiful breakfast or lunch. Going to songwriting was definitely a shock to the system.

I love our modeling experience and I wouldn't take it back for the world because it was a positive experience that we learnt a lot from including being professional which has helped us along our way.

Of course, when we have to do shoots for DJ's whether it is for press or for our own album, the experiences we had in front of the camera really helps. It can be quite nerve-racking standing in front of a camera with everyone around you, having a look at you and wondering if your eyebrow looks good?

Question: What can you never leave the house without?

Olivia Nevro: Oooh? I have two! Bronzer and Mascara, they are the basics but they both make a world of difference.