Owen and Luke Wilson

Owen and Luke Wilson

The Wilson brothers are two of Hollywood's most sought-after siblings. Owen and Luke are the middle and youngest of three boys born to Laura and Bob Wilson. Together and separately, they conquered Hollywood, seemingly taking on the personalities reflected in their movie roles - Owen is often seen as the comedic rebel while Luke is the soft-spoken good guy.

In an E! special True Hollywood Story, we travel to Dallas, Texas, to speak with childhood friends of the Wilson brothers, explore the neighborhood where they grew up, the old movie theater they used to sneak into as kids and the S & D Oyster Company where Owen worked as a waiter in college. In addition, THS takes you to the New Mexico Military Institute, the school Owen attended after being kicked out of St. Mark's School of Texas, and in a rare interview, Owen's former teacher gives insight into what life was like for Owen in military school.

With home video and commentary from family friends, THS paints a very personal picture of growing up with the Wilson brothers, while journalists and colleagues chime in on the fame - and the pitfalls - that Luke and Owen have both weathered over the years.

Rudy Reece, friend, on Owen's relationship with Kate Hudson- "I was teasing Owen about Kate. I said, "You change them like I change my pants.' He says, 'But this is the one.'"

Rudy Reece, friend, on Owen's hospitalisation- "Well, he just told me he was depressed, and I told him that I was praying for him." Collie James, high school friend, on Luke during Owen's hospitalisation - "I have to imagine that it was quite a shock to Luke to have that happen to Owen. They're so close, I have no doubt that Luke has been the brother that Owen needed during that time."

Dean Parisot, director, "Home Fries," on Luke's relationship with Drew Barrymore - "It was really sort of adorable because they kept trying not to show me that they were in love, but it was just so obvious."

Chris Kelly, film critic, Star-Telegram - "I think Owen and Luke have a real boy next door quality, and people really can identify with them as the guys who they might have grown up with. They're very unassuming, charming. Luke's the more serious one, Owen's sort of the goofy one, and I think a lot of people root for brothers, also. I think that's been the key to their success."

Chris Kelly, film critic, Star-Telegram, on Owen - "He always had a reputation there for being a trouble maker. In fact, the very first time he broke his nose was in a fight in ninth grade."

Emily Gould, celebrity blogger, on Luke - "He completely got every girl he wanted, had the most beautiful girlfriend and was just totally that stereotype of like that high school jock, not a jerk, but a good guy who everyone genuinely liked."

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