Paris Hilton spotted wearing MBTs Footwear

Paris Hilton spotted wearing MBTs Footwear

Paris Hilton spotted wearing MBTs - the new generation of footwear

Paris Hilton was recently spotted wearing a pair of MBTs whilst shopping in LA last week (as seen on

Paris Hilton was wearing a pair of MBT - MWalk Azul through the streets of LA to increase muscle activity and counteract the damage done from wearing high heels. Paris joins a list of other body-aware celebrities such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Love-Hewitt who has also been recently spotted wearing MBTs.

Shortened calf musculature, caused by wearing high heels, can gently be stretched again through a negative heel step with MBT. It is recommended for women to switch to wearing MBTs regularly to correct ankle instability caused by high heels.

The unique sole construction of MBT simulates walking on soft, natural surfaces. This improves posture and eliminates joint and back pain. Additionally, numerous muscles are activated, including abdominal, gluteal and rear thigh muscles which increases calorie consumption by toning and shaping neglected muscle groups.

As a result of their special design, MBT Physiological Footwear can help to tone and shape your legs whilst you perform daily activities like shopping, going to and from work, and picking the kids up from school. For those with busy schedules, such convenience is too good to be true.

MWalk also comes in Silver and Orange and retails at $369.


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