Sleep for Street campaign

Sleep for Street campaign

Some entrepreneurs are in it for the money. Or the glory. Not Olivia Carr- she set out to build a movement - inspire people, change lives. And that's exactly what she's done with her powerhouse brand, SHHH Silk.


Meet Olivia Carr: Founder of SHHH Silk. Mum (at 19). PR gun. Supporter of all women. No-secrets entrepreneur. Pioneer of sleep masks for the homeless. And ultimately? A true inspiration.


When Olivia lost her silk pillowcase in a hotel room in New York in 2015, she was devastated. She thought she'd be able to replace it easily. Turns out she couldn't. So she did what any budding entrepreneur would do: build an internationally-acclaimed beauty brand that offered the world's very finest mulberry silk pillowcases, along with adorable complimentary sleep products.


In just four years, Olivia has turned SHHH Silk into a brand adored by thousands of customers (in 65 countries!) and celebrities alike. Big names who love SHHH Silk include Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Kylie Jenner and Gisele Bündchen, among others. And unlike other businesses who pour millions into marketing to get these kinds of results, for the longest time Olivia spent exactly $0 on influencer & celebrity endorsements - she couldn't afford to - so she's created her own innovative techniques for getting genuine results, for much less.


Not content with simply enjoying her success, Olivia always wanted to give back, and in more ways than one. To do so, she started a PR agency; hoping she could show others how to reach celebrities like she did. But after six short months, she abandoned it, saying 'I'd honestly just rather help people for free.'


And even though she's continued to do so, she knew she wanted more. So now, just four years into her business journey, Olivia's about to embark on her most important journey yet: helping the homeless.


Homelessness has always been an issue close to Olivia's heart. Pregnant at 19, Olivia found herself struggling financially and came close to bankruptcy on multiple occasions, understanding how tough it was as a young single working parent to survive. Her desire to do something about it was reignited back in 2014, on that fateful day when she lost her pillowcase in New York.

She made a promise to her children: If I can grow my business big enough, I want to do something meaningful to help our friends on the street.


She's now making good on that promise with a world-first: a sleep-mask for the homeless. Weather-proof and light and sound blocking, the mask improves the quality of sleep and ultimately, the quality of life, for those on the street. With a bold aim to gift a mask to over 1 million people, Olivia has built not just a business, but a brand that's synonymous with inspiring people and changing lives.


SHHH SILK + SLEEP FOR STREET to Positively Impact 1,000,000+ Homeless People Globally

A Sleep Mask Designed with the Street in Mind.


Shhh Silk has given the gift of sleep to tens of thousands of people. Now it's time to provide sleep to those who need it most.


Those sleeping rough have it tough. Right now, tens of thousands of people in the US and Australia don't know where they'll sleep tonight.


Under bridges, in shopfronts, or on a park bench, those on the street face insurmountable challenges when it comes to sleep. Constantly interrupted by noise and light, any shut eye they get can be broken and uncomfortable.


The result? Homeless people get, on average, 3-4 hours of sleep a night.


A lack of sleep robs us of everything.


We're all familiar with the consequences of a bad night's sleep. From mood swings to depression, emotional outbursts, to a complete inability to focus, a lack of sleep robs us of our ability to be ourselves.  And over time, it can rob us of so much more than that: long-term insomnia leads to severe mental and physical health issues.


For those on the street, things are no different. Poor sleep hinders their ability to not only get through their day safely but to pursue opportunities and lead the lives they want to live.


Shhh Silk have developed a world-first: a sleep mask designed with the street in mind, for the homeless.


The mask has been crafted explicitly for street-like condition and is:

  • 100% light-blocking;
  • Features earplugs to block noise;
  • Durable and weather-proof - meaning that sleep will come much more natural to those who need it most.


Starting from October 2019, Shhhh Silk will be gifting masks to their partner not-for-profits and NGOs, who will distribute them throughout Australia and the US with the goal of expanding globally. They will work to positively impact the lives of 1,000,000+ homeless people globally with the gift of sleep.


With every single SHHH SILK purchase, Shhh Silk will donate one sleep mask to a homeless person in need.


No conditions.

No minimum spends.

Just the gift of precious, much-needed sleep with every single purchase.


'be the reason someone sleeps tonight.'