Are You Single and Satisfied?

Are You Single and Satisfied?

Are You Single and Satisfied?

So the holiday season is upon us. The majority of us will spend our time over the next two months going to work parties, family parties, and everything else in between. And then let's not forget New Years and that potential iconic midnight kiss to ring in a fresh new year, full of possibilities and resolutions. Though many of us may cringe at the thought of facing another holiday season as the only single person at all of the above events, here are reasons why being single is actually better.


You Are As Free As You Will Ever Be


    While we are single we have the most freedom to go as we please and try new things. Don't ever cut this time of self-exploration and world discovery short for anything. Once you show people pictures of your solo trip around Europe, it's guaranteed no one will look at you in pity anymore.


    You Can Focus On You And Your Career


    Aside from coming and going as you please and figuring yourself out, being single is the perfect time to really invest in your career. Whether this means moving to a different city or country to pursue that dream job, or taking an evening class to advance your qualification and certification arsenal, you never have more time to focus on improving yourself and getting your career underway than right now as a single.


    You Have That Much Needed Alone Time


    When you have a partner who you wake up to every morning and fall asleep with every night, there will be few moments when you are completely alone with your thoughts and can have those deep moments of introspection. And if kids come into the picture, you will be lucky to even have a moment to go to the bathroom alone, let any other possibility for peace and serenity. Never take this time for granted. Get in touch with your thoughts, desires, and solidify an unbreakable relationship with yourself. It's possibly the most important relationship that you will ever have in your life.


Of course being complete and content on your own doesn't mean giving up on the prospect of love. It still doesn't hurt to check out online dating chatrooms like, and put yourself out there and go on a date or two. But don't rush, and enjoy all of the benefits of being single while you can, as it may not last forever.