Is True Love Really Possible?

Is True Love Really Possible?

Romance is one of the major themes of our lives. We expect to find our soulmate, fall in love, settle down, keep the passion burning, and die together. It is an age-old dream to which almost every single person aspires. But in a world that is growing increasingly cynical, many of us are rightly asking the question: is true love really possible?

The problem is that with divorce rates over 50%, most of us have closely experienced a failed marriage. Whether it was our parents' marriage, a relatives', or that of our friend's parents, it affected how we view life. What's the point of pursuing love if it is only going to crash and burn?

In addition, you've probably been through your own heartbreaks, with crushes who never reciprocated your feelings, or ending relationships that felt like they were going to last forever. You may well be wondering if you'll ever find true love, and how to tell if your partner really loves you. You might even be wondering how to tell whether you really love him or her!

Let's take a deeper dive into this topic. We'll also discuss if psychics can help, with Psychic Source reviews to help you make the best choice.

Is true love possible?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question in our day and age. What it ultimately comes down to is whether you are open to the idea or not. Someone who is not open to the possibility of true love will always see the negative evidence. They will see divorce rates and think only about the fact that the relationship ended, regardless of how many happy years the two partners had until then.

That is the thing with true love. True love doesn't have to last forever in its most untouched form. If you've spent ten happy years with a person, why should the bad times – including an eventual end to the relationship – negate that?

Any relationship in which you feel completely in love and are truly happy is therefore real. This person may even be your soulmate, for now at least. Humans change over time. Think about your passions and loves as a child. They were undoubtedly very different to what they are now. That doesn't make them any less valid. Rather, they were valid to a particular time in your life.

Now, there are ways to find out a bit more about whether you're in a good relationship. Can psychics help?

Psychics and true love

Many people are rightly skeptical about psychics and whether they actually have access to powers that most people don't. The truth is that while there are plenty of charlatans out there, there are some legitimate psychics. How do you spot them?

The best psychics will never tell you exactly what will happen. They will empathise with you and give you an idea of what you can expect in the future. They will be able to see more deeply into your relationship, seeing from the outside what you can't see from within. Their psychic abilities are best put to use understanding your inner workings, rather than trying to give you a concrete answer about whether your relationship will last forever.

A website like Psychic Source provides access to online psychics, making the process far easier than it once was. Give it a try and see what you come up with.

Rethinking relationships

We should rightly be rethinking relationships in 2019, considering that a relationship is no longer determined by outdated ideas, including heteronormativity and an obsession with marriage. We need to stop judging relationships by their endings, as well as reframe how we view them in the moment. If they are not making us happy, we need to get out of them.

True love does exist, but you need to be open to what that means for you. If you're open to help from psychics, it is worthwhile giving that avenue a try.

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