Love Unraveled Talk Show

Love Unraveled Talk Show

Journalist Jacquie Blaze has interviewed the world's top love and relationship experts for her new 5 part Talk Show series Love Unraveled.

In these interviews Jacquie Blaze asks these experts to reveal the secrets of seduction, values and communication, and instructs couples how to develop Smart Heart Tools, not rules.

Jacquie Blaze chose the relationship experts for their individual expertise and credibility. Author Robert Green teaches how to get in touch with feelings, become confident, and attract love. Dr. John Demartini teaches love dynamics relative to a person's inherent values. Dr. Pat Allen emphasises communication, commitments, and bridging the male/female barrier. Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil teaches Smart Heart Skills and dialogue, and understanding the pursuer and distancer dynamics in relationships.

"The CORE SKILL SET in Love Unraveled has taught me how to love myself, communicate openly, and most importantly has released my fear and that helped me get to love. This project changed my life, and experts promise Love Unraveled will change and transform the lives of all who view and study the series," says Blaze.

While Love Unraveled dispels myths and misconceptions, and examines the behavioural paradigms of personal relationships, the Talk Show series is not merely for those seeking romantic relationships - married couples and their families can all benefit from this knowledge.

"When applied with knowledge and tools, love has the power to change all life circumstances, and is the answer to any problem." says Blaze.

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