Body Love Fashion

Body Love Fashion
Ingrid Arna is an Australian body image expert who has conquered LA and just returned to Australia after her campaign tour of the US. Her unprecedented success overseas has brought Ingrid back to cast her net in her home territory with more support, conviction and inspiration than when she left.She has just formed an alignment with the Butterfly Foundation, which also combats this epidemic of eating disorders through its education and support programmes here in Australia.

In the wake the tragic death of Uruguayan model, 18 year old Eliana Ramos, who suffered the same tragic fate as her sister (also a model) who died 6 months earlier of chronic malnutrition as a result of anorexia, Ingrid Arna is calling for immediate action in a bid to save Australian women and girls from falling prey to this fatal image-related illness.

She recently teamed up with cult web brand three2seven to lead an advisory panel on a joint initiative with News Limited's online arm, which launched a world-first survey on the subject of body image on Monday February 19th. After just 4 short days it had already drawn 2400 responses. The survey will collate data from all recipients nationally to achieve a realistic barometer of how both Australian women and men feel about themselves and their bodies as well as their attitudes toward societal pressures and media's projected images of what is deemed "attractive". These results will be assessed by Arna and her report will be posted on the site, and will be disseminated to Australia's media in the hope of provoking action at a grassroots level which will then force the government to implement long-overdue initiatives, including education programmes

With one in five Australian women suffering from an eating disorder or related heart issues, not to mention anorexia being one of the three most chronic illnesses affecting adolescent Australian girls today, following obesity and asthma, the affected and disillusioned are in need of action and solutions.

Ingrid is an inspiring and interesting woman who not only understands the problem but has inspiring solutions. However to achieve her goals she needs media support and loyal ambassadors.


Ingrid Arna is an Australian businesswoman who set off to Hollywood 2 years ago on an ambitious mission. Her dream was not to be an actress, stylist or producer but to enlist celebrity talent to implement a programme close to her heart. BodyLove is a global initiative created to aid the end eating disorders and low self-esteem. Using celebrity ambassadors to inspire women, Ingrid's mission is for women, to reconnect with their inner beauty.

At only 32, Ingrid has already been to hell and back. After suffering a myriad of eating disorders trying to keep up with the pressures of an image and celebrity-obsessed society, Ingrid had a reality check when she was mis-diagnosed with cancer. The near fatal illness after years of dieting and related physical issues was the catalyst for Ingrid to heal her life and work in helping women worldwide with the BodyLove movement.

To this end she decided to go to the root of the problem, Hollywood. After establishing a network of contacts in LA, she hit the road touring high school campuses and charity organisations across the US. She created a website, where chat-rooms and help-lines were set up as part of an on-line reach-out programme. As an adjunct to the business she created a line of BodyLove T-Shirts printed with empowering phrases and imagery designed to foster a positive self image.

Nothing sells like celebrity and she now calls many of them her friends. As advocates for BodyLove, they have happily agreed to have her mantra proudly emblazoned upon their chests. These are some of the comments from her ardent supporters:

"Well it's about time. I love what you're doing with BodyLove, This is what is so needed".Kate Winslet, actress.

"Ingrid we need someone with your energy, Women are going to love what you're doing".Rebecca Gayheart, actress

And the list goes on: Liv Tyler, Poppy Montgomery, Camryn Manheim and Rita Wilson.

Her sizing system is equally unique: Precious, Scrumptious, Marvellous, Luscious S.M. L!!!


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