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Broken Wing Butterfly Interview

Broken Wing Butterfly

Helping teenage girls cope with family breakdown.

Divorce in Australia is an epidemic; of even greater concern are the outcomes for the children involved. Statistics for girls point to dramatic rises in depression; low self esteem; school dropout and teenage pregnancy to name a few. The cycle of divorce is more likely to be repeated in their future relationships. Through Broken Wing Butterfly, author Renee Bennett is determined to change Australia's statistics, one girl at a time. With powerful imagery and warm, engaging language, this easy to read book teaches girls that not only can they heal from the brokenness, but learn not to repeat it.

It includes true stories from real girls and tonnes of space for journaling. They will confront issues such as

  • How they think about themselves
  • Self-destructive/unhealthy behaviours
  • Dealing with rejection and moving beyond it
  • Planning for a brilliant future - on purpose and more

    This is a valuable resource for every home, library or school and is very suitable for personal or small groups use.

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    Renee Bennett is a teacher with over a decade of experience. She also communicates with thousands of young people all around Australia every year, in her role as a pastor. Most of all, she has personally walked the journey of being a 'child' of divorce. She has been happily married for eleven years and has three children.

    Broken Wing Butterfly
    Hyde Park Press
    Author: Renee Bennett
    ISBN: 9780980668605
    Price: $19.95

    Broken Wing Butterfly is available for purchase at

    Interview with Renee Bennett

    Question: Why did you decide to write this book?

    Renee Bennett: I have worked with thousands of teens all around Australia for the past ten years. I could see that one of the issues affecting them the most were problems in their families. Statistics show that young people from broken homes suffer much higher rates of depression, addiction, low self esteem, early school drop out and their own marriages ending in divorce.

    Having come from a broken home myself, I know first hand of the issues that result but wanted girls to know that there is hope and they don't have to become a statistic.

    Question: How does Broken Wing Butterfly help teenage girls cope with family breakdown?

    Renee Bennett: It's a self help book that takes them through some practical steps toward finding freedom. A few examples are being aware of self destructive behaviours, being honest with how they think about themselves, understanding the effects of rejection and the importance of finding someone to talk to. It's also a journal, so the girls can write and reflect on their journey. The book has lots of snippets of other girls' stories so they know they are not alone.

    Question: What research went into Broken Wing Butterfly?

    Renee Bennett: First hand experience was the best research! I didn't want the book to sound like a psychology workbook but rather like an older sister talking to them as though they were in my lounge room.
    Speaking to and with thousands of teenagers has given me years of experience with knowing the issues these girls are dealing with.

    Question: How do teenage girls normally react during a family breakdown?

    Renee Bennett: Whether the family breakdown happened when they were a child or during their teenage years, every girl I have spoken to has been deeply affected. They all show it in different ways. Some girls play out their hurt in really destructive ways like self harm, others suffer from depression. Most lose confidence in themselves and have low self esteem. Some go from relationship to relationship and most wonder if they'll ever have a lasting, happy relationship themselves.

    Question: How can we prevent this common reaction?

    Renee Bennett: It's really important that girls work out how their family situation has affected them. Acknowledging and allowing themselves to feel the hurt and rejection is a great start. You can't fix something that you don't know is broken!

    I encourage each girl to find someone, a mentor, who they can talk to. You can't do it alone and talking really helps.

    The final part of the book is dedicated to them planning a really bright future on purpose. There's great power in having and working toward positive goals and dreams.


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