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What Contraceptive are you? Birth Control Advice & Contraception Options

Starting Birth Control... hey help me choose the right method of contraception for me!

Although studies suggest that teenage pregnancy has been declining in Australia since the 1970's, it is estimated that Australia's rate of teenage pregnancy is around 38.9/1000 women aged 15-19 years (Shine SA, 2008). Clearly girls grappling with using birth control need more help when choosing the best contraception methods for them, and better help preventing pregnancy. is a site set up to answer all of the burning questions about birth control, starting birth control, methods of contraception and preventing pregnancy. Birth control facts and contraceptive choices are all clearly explained. It can be hard to talk to a doctor about what you need when looking at types of contraception for the first time. On the site is a survey that you can fill out and take with you to the doctor to help you work out exactly what is right for you.

What is contraception about?

Contraception is about taking an active approach to preventing pregnancy. Different birth control methods should be considered before you start having sex, and the best types of birth control can differ a lot between individuals. Lifestyle is one of a variety of factors that may determine what contraceptive methods you choose. As well as health, the type of relationship you are in, cultural background and your values and beliefs.

Are there many methods of contraception?

In one word YES, contraception or birth control, works by preventing a man's sperm from fertilising a woman's eggs. Types of contraception are broken down into two main categories, non hormonal or barrier and hormonal methods of contraceptive. Barrier methods prevent the sperm entering the uterus, some barrier methods include the condom and the female condom, the intrauterine device (IUD) and the intrauterine system (IUS) Hormone types of contraception include the pill, birth control rings, contraceptive implants and the contraceptive injection.

Each type of contraception has different advantages and the best method of contraception for you is a very individual choice.

Starting birth control

How do you know which contraceptive to choose?

Different methods of contraception all have their advantages and disadvantages for preventing pregnancy. Often it depends on your lifestyle, do you work regular hours, do you travel, are you going to be having regular sex with the same person, or will you have different sexual partners?

The contraceptive pill a.k.a the pill

When girls talk about going on the pill, they mean they are using the contraceptive pill as a method of birth control or preventing pregnancy. It is a type of birth control taken orally. The pill contains chemicals called hormones, they can contain one, or two types of hormones. And are Progestogen on it's own, or both Progestogen and Oestrogen. With the pill one is taken daily for 3 weeks, you then take a break for one week to have your period. You may take sugar pills but they contain no hormones, they just keep you in your routine.

The birth control ring, a new method of contraception.

A new type of hormone contraception is the birth control ring. The contraceptive ring is a small flexible ring that is inserted into your vagina. It stays in your vagina for 3 weeks, when you remove the ring in the forth week you will have your period. The birth control ring is 99.3% effective at preventing pregnancy. It releases hormones similar to those in the pill. The advantage is that you don't have to remember to take it every day, also as the birth control ring is inserted directly into the vagina, lower levels of hormones are used.


Condoms (male & female) are referred to as non-hormonal or barrier method of contraceptives. This is because they act as a barrier to sperm entering the vagina, rather that using hormones. They can be less effective in terms of preventing pregnancy, but they do protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDS). (Remember it is important to use a condom each time that you have sex to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, even if you choose to use hormonal contraception methods).

It is often hard to decide which method of contraceptive is right for you when starting birth control. To make it easier for you to make your decision take the survey on simply print it out and take the cover letter with you when you speak with your doctor.


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