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At the end of 1992 Rove was invited to be the resident comedian on the cruise ship Kareliya where his job was basically to make seasick people more seasick. Three months later he disembarked and, with bags still packed, set his sights on sunny Melbourne town. What followed can only be described as Rove's career after he moved to Melbourne (it might not be snappy but at least it's accurate).

The Big Smoke embraced him with open arms and the young McManus lad soon found himself as a favourite in all the popular comedy rooms in town as well as some of the ones everyone avoided. After a string of successful festival appearances in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Rove started to get the feeling that he had found his calling and to his surprise it wasn't jazz ballet after all.

Not long after, someone was foolish enough to offer Rove a guest spot on the ABC TV comedy series Something Hot Before Bed which had Rove very excited until he realised it was on at a time when only insomniacs and hospital patients wired up on painkillers were watching television, but as that was pretty much his target audience he came off quite well. What soon followed was more exposure on shows such as Headliners, Recovery, Dilemma, The 10:30 Slot, The Super Debates, Good News Week, Hey, Hey It's Saturday, and The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala.

A wise man once said Through experience and exposure comes your own Tonight Show on community television...OK, that bit's made up but that is still what happened in 1996 when Rove was offered the role of host for The Loft on Channel 31. After four series of stunts, gags, and talking to people far more famous than him, Rove was somehow dragged away to a paid gig fronting his own unimaginatively titled show rove on Channel 9. Thankfully Channel 9 came to their senses some months later and gave McManus the arse despite the show and its host being nominated for Logie awards, after only ten weeks on television.

Like most pathetic egomaniacs, Rove searched for a home elsewhere and found it at Channel Ten where his new show rove[live](he's just not trying is he?) is on now. So what does the future hold for Rove McManus? Well who cares really...Rove has been described as ridiculously confident and dammit, that's good enough for me. He still cites his greatest achievements as high-fiving the Pope and touching Ray Martin's hair (in that order).

He doesn't like cats.

Rove McManus hosts 9:30 Tuesday nights on Ten.

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