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botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum

botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum

Your current Vitamin C skincare serum is probably better off in the bottle


Vitamin C was the most pinned beauty product on Pinterest in 2017, and its benefits in skincare have been shouted far and wide from celebrities to skin experts. It has been linked to collagen production, neutralizing free radicals and brightening and evening out skin tone, but after extensive research and development, botanicES natural caffeine skincare founder Christelle Tait is not convinced we've been getting many of the benefits.


"Interestingly, as an essential vitamin, the skin does not naturally absorb Vitamin C very well," she said.


"This means that while a product can contain high Vitamin C, your skin may not necessarily be soaking much of it in.


"While Vitamin C itself contains some great properties that could do wonders for your skin, it can easily lose its biological integrity in skincare products as a result of oxidation, heat and interactions with other cosmetic ingredients," Christelle added.


Yep! Apparently, every time we take the lid off our Vitamin C bottle, we could be compromising what's inside, and skincare products can actually have high Vitamin C levels - but it all depends on the other ingredients as to how effective it is!


"Because of the complexity of Vitamin C, it is a challenge for manufacturers to create a formulation that both hydrates and acts as an anti-ageing solution - it generally does one or the other. But we've found that by using our caffeine formulation as a base, which we know opens the skin barrier for deep penetration, the new formulation actually allows it to do both".


Christelle, with her chemical engineer husband Hendrik, spent 2018 working on the botanicES' new Vitamin C Face Serum, building on their current natural caffeine skincare range to develop an award-winning formulation that incorporates their signature natural coffee extract.


"Essentially what we've found with the new Vitamin C Face Serum, is that the caffeine component in the coffee acts as a vasodilator, opening the skin barrier to allow two natural stable Vitamin C's, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 plus the plant based Hyaluronic Acid we use, to penetrate the skin. This is what creates a Vitamin C skincare product that ticks the boxes for both anti-ageing and hydrating properties."


With an airless system of delivery to ensure the Vitamin C doesn't oxidise, botanicES is revolutionising the way Vitamin C can benefit our skin.


botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum and has just launched at

Designed to give you brighter, more youthful looking skin, leaving you with a healthy, smooth glow.

Packed with a powerful combination of ingredients in certified organic Aloe Vera juice, ageing youthfully couldn't be easier than with the new addition of botanicES' Vitamin C Face Serum.

Suitable for all skin types, botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum is non-greasy and penetrates deeply, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

RRP $55


Review: With a suttle coffee smell, the botanicES Vitamin C Face Serum, instantly hydrates dry skin. Over prolonged use you will see visable results as you skin hydrates and tightens. I actually used this on my hands as well and effect was a noticable increase in plumpness.


botanicES Body Lotion

Is a natural, organic body moisturiser that penetrates skin deeply to hydrate, radiate and rejuvenate dry skin.

Using their exclusive natural coffee extract, the Body Lotion reduces the visible signs of ageing and soothes red, flaky or dry skin.

RRP: $25.00

Available at

Simple Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes & Sheet Masks

Simple Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes & Sheet Masks

NEW Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes
Made from soft, renewable plant fibres and sustainable wood pulp, these new Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes are still merciless on make-up (even waterproof mascara) and gentle on your skin.
Simple's new Cleansing Wipes biodegrade in just 42 days in compost.
RRP: $7.49
Retailers: Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths and Coles.

NEW Under-Eye and Facial Sheet Masks
Inspired by Asian beauty rituals and formulated with minerals and plant extracts, Simple's Facial Sheet and Under-Eye Masks are vegan, cruelty free and PETA certified, and contain no alcohol, no added parabens, no phthalates, no harsh chemicals, no perfumes, no colours or dyes. Made in Korea, the new range includes the Charcoal Purifying Sheet Mask, Radiance Boosting Sheet Mask, 5-Minute Reset Hydrogel Sheet Mask, Reviving Under-Eye Hydrogel Mask and Brightening Under-Eye Hydrogel Mask.
RRP $5.00
Retailers: Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths and Coles.

Iconic Bioderma H20

Iconic Bioderma H20

We all LOVE the French cult-classic cleansing water that started the non-rinse cleaning revolution - Bioderma, Sensibio H2O Micellar Water.

Now, Bioderma is making cleansing even simpler with its Limited Edition Reverse Pump bottle.

Simply push down on the reusable dispenser and your cotton pad is ready to wipe your day away - less cotton pads, and quicker and easier cleansing!

Bioderma's Limited Edition Reverse Pump bottle
RRP: $31.99!

To further neutralise skin pollutants and restore balance in the skin's natural protective functions, Sensibio H2O benefits from a unique formulation: thanks to ecobiology, that allows skin to better resist environmental stresses in a lasting way. It is a 3-in-1 product for the face and eyes that does not require rinsing.

NEW Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution Reverse Pump Limited Edition
RRP: $31.99, 500mL

Introducing G&M Cosmetics

Introducing G&M Cosmetics

Introducing G&M Cosmetics – 100% Australian Made Skin Health Remedies

Founded in 1996 by Zvonko Jordanov, G&M Cosmetics has been taking care of Australia's skin health for over 22 years with its natural skincare ranges. Manufactured locally in Sydney, G&M Cosmetics sources nourishing ingredients from the Australian landscape to produce superior skincare products with gentle effective formulations for both adults and kids. The certified organic skincare brand has become renowned for its affordable, high quality natural products in Australia and the Asia Pacific. In March 2018 it was voted the Most Trusted Australian Brand in China, according to Monash University's new ABC (Australian Brands in China) Index.

G&M Cosmetic's core ranges include Native Australian, Dr. V, Australian Creams and Australian Creams MKII.

Native Australian
Native Australian is G&M Cosmetic's premium range offering sophisticated, highly concentrated formulations containing Australia's unique aboriginal ingredients and most effective natural 100% oils such as Emu and Macadamia Oil. The range contains restorative Lanolin-based lotions, luxury day and night creams in Lanolin, Goats Milk and Kakadu Plum variations, and pure oils such as Lavender and Rosehip. Suitable for a variety of skin needs, the range is paraben and mineral oil free, and artificial fragrance and colour free. Native Australian products are available in airports, health stores and souvenir and gift stores. RRP of Native Australian starts from $29.99.

Dr. V
The Dr. V range is G&M Cosmetic's Derma Pharmacy range, specifically developed for sensitive and problem skin to soothe, restore and provide a natural and delicate solution for bathing and moisturising. It features a range of gentle lotions and body washes suitable for infants through to the elderly, which are especially ideal for those suffering with skin conditions. All Dr. V products are made from natural botanical and vegetable based ingredients and are free from petrochemicals, parabens, formaldehydes, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and artificial colouring. The range is endorsed and approved by the Eczema Association of Australia (EAA) and is available at pharmacies in-store and online, and at health stores and practitioners. RRP of Dr. V starts from $12.99.

Australian Creams
Australian Creams is G&M Cosmetic's base range developed for everyday face and body use. The moisturising lightweight formulas have quick absorption rates and are excellent value for money. The range features twelve different cream variations: Lanolin Day & Night, Emu Oil, Goats Milk with Manuka Honey, Vitamin E Skin Repair, Sorbolene, Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Kakadu Plum, Tea Tree and Lemon Tea Tree. Australian Creams are available in a range of sizes at supermarkets and discount department stores. RRP of Australian Creams starts from $2.99.

Australian Creams MKII
The Australian Creams MK II series is a sophisticated range of the Australian Creams with superior formulations enhanced with Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oils. The range is paraben free and mineral oil free, and is available in pharmacies and health stores. RRP of Australian Creams MKII starts from $4.99.

For more information, visit

Emu Oil Vital Moisturising Cream

Emu Oil Vital Moisturising Cream

Abundant with natural Australian Emu Oil and Vitamin E to help hydrate and soothe dry and overworked skin.  It makes your skin feel fresher and smoother.  Rich in fatty acids. Australian Emu Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and aids in improving the condition of ageing skin.

Highly recommended for dry and stressed skin.


Emu Oil Vital Moisturising Cream, 250g and 100g


For more on this range visit

Kakadu Plum Radiating Moisturising Cream

Kakadu Plum Radiating Moisturising Cream

Kakadu Plum Radiating Moisturising Cream


Features the phenomenal native Australian Kakadu Plum Extract, the world's richest source of Natural Vitamin C (70x greater than orange). Vitamin C is renowned for assisting in collagen synthesis and wrinkle reduction.  It also helps reduce hyperpigmentation, lighten skin tone and enhance radiance and luminosity.  This cream is formulated to firm your skin as well as enhance its brightness and radiance.


Kakadu Plum Radiating Moisturising Cream 250g: RRP $6.99


For more on this range visit

Dr Andrea Tomizawa Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask Interview

Dr Andrea Tomizawa Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask Interview

Why You Should Be Adding a Mask to Your Routine

Proactiv, one of the world's leading acne brands with over 20 million users, has today announced the launch of the Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask into the Australian pharmacy market. The Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask is a weekly cleansing mask with 6 per cent sulfur to help clear pores, blemishes and help prevent new breakouts. Adult-acne is difficult to manage, especially for those who were clear-skinned teenagers. Hitting your 20s, and beginning your professional career, can be stressful enough without having to worry about acne impacting your confidence as well. Women don't have time for bad skin, and the Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask provides visible results, so you can take every opportunity in life without worrying about your skin.

Dermatologist tested, the Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask contains a unique formulation of:
: designed to help reduce oil, clear pores, and blemishes and prevent new breakouts from forming
Kaolin clay
: a natural mineral that absorbs excess oil and draws out pore-clogging impurities
Vitamin E
: an antioxidant designed to help protect the skin and to soothe and nourish the skin
Tea Tree Oil: an antioxidant essential oil with cleansing properties
Geranium and Lemongrass
: botanical extracts designed to help condition the skin

Dermatologist Dr. Andrea Tomizawa comments, "Using a mask weekly is the perfect addition to your regular routine, especially a mask that contains sulfur, which helps with reducing oil. It will ensure that breakouts are kept at bay, and help with unblocking pores and removing impurities" The Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask works to produce visible results so that acne sufferers can enjoy new-found glamour and celebrate being blemish free.

Review: The Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask has been formulated for particularly oily and acne prone skin; I predominantly have an oily t-zone so I used a very thin layer, of the mask, on this specific location along with using the product as a spot treatment. After using the mask I saw immediate clearness and a reduction in oil and as I continued using the mask, weekly, I found that my t-zone pores are unblocked and less visible. As a spot treatment the Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask is amazing – I use a cotton bud to apply the mask directly to the spot at night and when I wake in the morning the spot is barely visible – only one application is required, #miracle.
- Brooke Hunter

How to use:
As a mask: Apply to dampened skin, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Can be used up to two to three times a week.
As a spot treatment: Dab onto affected area and leave on overnight. In the morning, rinse off with warm water. Can be used up to three times a week.

Availability: Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist, Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy and Terry White Chemmart stores nationwide.

Interview with Dr Andrea Tomizawa, Dermatologist

Question: What ingredients are in the new Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask?

Dr Andrea Tomizawa: • Sulfur: designed to help reduce oil, clear pores, and blemishes and prevent new breakouts from forming
• Kaolin clay: a natural mineral that absorbs excess oil and draws out pore-clogging impurities
• Vitamin E: an antioxidant designed to help protect the skin and to soothe and nourish the skin
• Tea Tree Oil: an antioxidant essential oil with cleansing properties
• Geranium and Lemongrass: botanical extracts designed to help condition the skin

Question: What are the main benefits of the Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask? How can the Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask reduce acne?

Dr Andrea Tomizawa: It helps to clear pores, blemishes and help prevent new breakouts. The Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask works to produce visible results so that acne sufferers can enjoy new-found glamour and celebrate being blemish free.

Question: How has Proactiv changed, recently?

Dr Andrea Tomizawa: Moving away from the subscription model it once was, Proactiv is now available in Pharmacies and Myer Australia wide, so more women can access the dermatologically tested products.

Question: Why is it important that we add a face mask to our beauty routine?

Proactiv: A face mask can be an effective addition to your weekly skin routine, to help deliver important ingredients to the skin surface to help reduce inflammation, infection, and oil production. This in turn can prevent the development of pimples in people with acne-prone skin.

Ingredients that provide a deep-cleansing action to facial skin may cause unwanted irritation and excessive dryness if applied every day to facial skin. So an easy-to-use face mask can help to deliver these key ingredients and cut down on to promote skin renewal and restore the natural skin barrier.

Question: How often should we be using face masks?

Proactiv: Every person's skin is unique, so how often you apply a face mask depends on your skin type.

For patients with oily skin, a deep-cleansing sulfur-based face mask can be applied up to three times a week. For patients with a dry or combination skin, once a week may be sufficient to provide the benefits and avoid unwanted irritation.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

The Power of Pink Himalayan Salt

The Power of Pink Himalayan Salt

Mind, Body and Spirit – Restore & Replenish for 2019

Relieve your mind, body and spirit of stress this festive season and enter the New Year feeling rejuvenated with Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Salt range. Fragranced with Bergamot and Sweet Orange essential oils, Dr Teal's therapeutic bath and body products detoxify your body from every day toxins.

Erica Galea, Marketing Manager at Chemcorp International says, "The Pink Himalayan Salt range is perfect to help you restore and replenish after the crazy race to Christmas and festive season fun. Pink Himalayan Salt has been known to have strong healing powers for thousands of years now, and its benefits are still valued today. There's no better way to rejuvenate your mind and spirit for 2019."

Dr Teal's takes the renowned benefits of Epsom salts one step further. Formulated to hydrate skin and promote an even greater sense of wellbeing, the range is infused with essential oils to soothe the senses, while pure Epson Salts relax tense and sore muscles. The combination is pH neutral and alkaline-free to leave skin soft, smooth and moisturised.

Soaking in an Epsom salt bath has proven to provide a range of other health benefits including relaxation for a better night's sleep and helping the body with its unique antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Epsom Salt range includes:

Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Epsom Salt Mineral Soak
Eases aches and muscle pains. 1.36kg of mineral rich Epsom salt to replenish and recharge the body. Packed with Bergamot and Sweet Orange essential oils.
RRP $17.99

Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Epsom Salt Body Wash
Relaxes the body and helps to relieve the mind. Contains Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help hydrate the skin.
710mLs RRP $17.99

The Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Epsom Salt range is available now at Big W, Pharmacy 4 Less, Direct Chemist Outlet and online:

BodyPlus Skin Oil

BodyPlus Skin Oil

BodyPlus Skin Oil – The Perfect Summer Saviour!

Vitamin A Free Skin Oil from Africa

We all know the risk of too much sun fun from serious skin damage and sun-related dark spots to premature ageing; however, the newest skin oil is here to be your ultimate skin saviour this summer. Created for women and men of all ages, BodyPlus Skin Oil is formulated with a unique blend of vitamin E and ceramides among other ingredients to reverse premature ageing, hydrate the skin and soothe sun-worn skin.

CEO of McGloins Supertex Nick Barnes says, "It is commonly known that the effectiveness of our skin's natural ceramides can be significantly reduced by age and sun damage, weakening the skin barrier. Our UV rays are harsh, so it's really important Australians use the right products to look after their skin.

"Due to its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E in BodyPlus Skin Oil helps to protect your skin from free-radicals and environmental oxidative stress, including UV rays from sun and air pollutants. Ceramides in the oil play a vital role in determining how your skin looks, which helps with preventing or reversing premature ageing."

BodyPlus Skin Oil can be used as an intensive face and body moisturiser, bath oil or as an effective, soothing relief for sun-worn and dry skin. The oil helps to reinforce your skin's barrier and increase hydration – giving you smoother, firmer-feeling skin with fewer visible lines and wrinkles, as well as fewer signs of ageing.

Other key benefits and various uses include:
Acts as moisturiser – can be used everyday
Safely treats stretch marks
Lightens dark spots
Heals drying fingernails
Acts as cleansing agent
Soothes pain from cold sores
Helps to treat eczema

BodyPlus Skin Oil works best when applied twice a day for a minimum three months. The oil is also safe to be used throughout the duration of pregnancy, as the formula is Vitamin A free. Simply massage into the lower abdomen, hips, breasts, lower back and upper thighs.
BodyPlus Skin Oil is available now at Chemist Warehouse for $14.99.

Heritage Healers White Charcoal 02 Detox Masque

Heritage Healers White Charcoal 02 Detox Masque

New clay-based masque infuses oxygen to the surface of the skin with a gradual foaming, bubbling sensation to create a micro massage that cleanses the skin of impurities and toxins.

Activated white birch charcoal and natural clays help to remove daily urban pollution, while a unique tri-herbal complex provides significant skin brightening and illuminating benefits.

Suitable for all skin types, this detoxifying masque leaves the skin rejuvenated and radiant

Key Product Attributes
Detoxifies and purifies skin
Helps remove harmful urban pollutants from skin's surface
Promotes visibly brighter, more radiant complexion
Rich in antioxidants and botanicals
Oxygenating and rejuvenating

For ALL skin types – This detoxifying masque leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and radiant!

How To Use
Apply a generous, even layer over clean face and neck (avoiding eyes)
Allow to sit for 10-15mins for optimum oxygenating results
Rinse and remove with warm water and a cloth
Use 1-2 times per week for best results

Ulta3 Multi-Masking

Ulta3 Multi-Masking

Glowing Skin Is In

Say hello to the Ulta3 Multi-Masking range with seriously active natural ingredients.

Masking: the most commonly searched skincare term earlier this year according to Google. Surprised? Probably not! Sheet masks are big news in the beauty industry.

As ulta3 continues to deliver the latest on-trend, high quality cosmetics at a great price, now theyare taking their range to the next level and into skincare.

Say hello to ulta3's first ever multi-masking range with seriously active natural ingredients. This prep and prime range of masks for the face and body - made in Korea the world leader in skincare, they also are vegan and cruelty free.

With everything you need for glowing skin, the range boasts both sheet and hydrogel masks for the face, eye, lip, hands and feet!

These affordable, at home pamper products add a prep-step into your beauty routine. In fact, every product in the range is only RRP: $5.95, so using multiple masks as a complete skincare solution for face and body won't break the bank.

Inspired By Colour.
ulta3 exists to empower the fashion focussed to realise their vision of beauty at an everyday price.

Hydrate My Hands
Intensive Hand Mask
Give your hard-working hands some TLC with the Hydrate My Hands mask. Containing super moisturising ingredients Shea Butter to soften rough and dry skin, Kiwi Extract to help fight dark spots that are ssociated with both sun damage and ageing.

Treat My Feet
Intensive Foot Mask
Give your feet some serious TLC with the Treat My Feet mask which contains moisture-rich ingredients such as Kiwi Extract to soften skin and Goldthread Extract to soothe irritation.

Make Me Glow
Brightening Sheet Face Mask
Formulated with Grapefruit Extract and Niacinamide to promote healthy collagen production, the Make Me Glow mask brightens complexion and reduces the apperance of dark spots. Packed full of active skin-loving antioxidants, this mask also works to keep your skin plump and smooth.

Give Me Moisture
Hydrating Face Sheet Mask
Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Natto Gum and Rose Water to lock in moisture and boost elasticity, you'll have a smooth complexion with softened lines and wrinkles in no time! Packed full of active skin-loving ingredients the Give Me Moisture mask is the perfect hydration boost.

Perfect My Pout
Plumping Hydrogel Lip Mask
Infused with Niacinamide for skin soothing Rosa Centifola Flower Extract for skin conditioning and Natto Gum for skin softening, Perfect My Pout hydrates and plumps skin for super soft lips.

Wake Me Up
Hydrogel Eye Mask
Enriched with brightening and hydrating ingredients such as Cucumber Extract and Caffeine, you'll look instantly rested with the Wake Me Up mask. It's designed to cool and de-puff the skin while injecting moisture to give you under-eye area a bright and lifted appearance.

Wonder Balm
Lip Care Mask
This deliciously silky balm is enriched with Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil to hydrate lips for a super soft pout. Use daily to apply a generous sweep of product overnight for intense hydration. Use alongside Sugar Sugar Lip Scrub for the ultimate lip revival.

Sugar Sugar
Exfoliating Lip Scrub
Kiss dry lips goodbye with this seriously sweet, yet gentle exfoliating lip scrub. Use prior to makeup application to ensure lipstick glides on and stays put for a flawless finish.

Review: This Ulta3 mask range is absolutely EPIC; with the right mask for your concern these products are soothing, rejuvenating and hydrating with no harsh, irritation or drying. It was hard to narrow it down but my favourites are: the Intensive Foot Mask, Brightening Sheet Face Mask and the Hydrogel Eye Mask. Ulta3 has created selfie-worthy products at a very reasonable price providing a luxurious partner for your skin, the Ulta3 Multi-Masking range is a must-buy.
- Brooke Hunter


The ulta3 multimasking range is available at selected pharmacies, Australia-wide and online at
For stockists call: 1800 181 040

Avéne SPF 50+ Sunscreen Sprays

Avéne SPF 50+ Sunscreen Sprays

Backed by 20 years of dermatological expertise for sensitive skin, Eau Thermale Avène is proud to expand its Sun Care range, with the addition of its two sunscreen sprays, designed for easy application. Launching in October 2018, Avène's Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+ (RRP $34.95,200ml) and Sunscreen Spray for Children SPF 50+* ($34.95,200ml) both offer high quality, broad spectrum sun protection, specially designed for sensitive skin.

Both Avène Sunscreen Sprays are water resistant (up to 40 minutes), hypoallergenic, free from parabens and offer the highest level SPF 50+ sun protection, maximum photostability and tolerance for even the most sensitive skin. The Avène Sunscreen Spray for Children is also fragrance free to respect children's sensitive skin.

Avène's patented SunSitive® Protection formula uses an exclusive combination of ingredients, with a minimum number of chemical filters to respect sensitive skin, while still offering broadspectrum protection from UVB and UVA rays. The Sunscreen Sprays also contain Pre-tocopheryl, a photostable Vitamin E precursor and are rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water.

Thanks to the convenient spray feature, the easily applied, non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed for even and invisible protection that moisturises the skin without leaving white marks. Both products can help prevent solar keratosis, sunspots and premature skin ageing and may also assist in preventing some skin cancers.

Simply spray generously over the skin and spread by hand over all exposed areas, 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Hold the bottle 4-6cm away from the skin to apply. Do not spray directly onto face. Reapply 40 minutes after swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying and at least every two hours.

Additional Sun Protection Measures
Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and early skin ageing. To decrease this risk, regularly use a broad spectrum SPF very high protection sunscreen. Other sun protection measures include: Limit time in the sun, especially from 10am to 2pm, wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, hats, and sunglasses.

Avène's Sunscreen Spray's is available at leading pharmacies nationwide.
Visit for stores.
Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

dermaviduals bespoke Alga Mask Treatment

dermaviduals bespoke Alga Mask Treatment

Introducing the dermaviduals bespoke Alga Mask Treatment

Taking care of your skin is a year-round priority and keeping it looking flawless can be a challenge, especially in winter. Thanks to dermaviduals' bespoke clinic treatments, skin treatment therapists can tailor facial treatments through the changing seasons. The alga treatment mask provides the perfect level of hydration and regeneration for all skin types, especially in Winter.

Robyn McAlpine, dermaviduals skincare expert and ambassador says, "The Alga Mask Treatment is a fantastic option for winter skin as it contains high levels of alga spirulina maxima which has many benefits for the skin and is super versatile, being suitable for all skin types. The great thing about dermaviduals is that as a therapist can dial up or dial down certain ingredients to ensure my clients are getting the right levels of active ingredients for their skin print."


In addition to the alga spirulina maxima, the dermaviduals Alga Mask Treatment mask also contains a high concentration of chlorophyll, which in itself contains a vast array of skin nutrients, proteins and large concentrations of vitamins and minerals, including B Complex and vital amino acids. Alga is also high in gamma linolenic acid making this mask great for:

- All skin types, especially blemished skin
- Hydration
- Cooling & soothing
- Skin regeneration & healing
- Skin elasticity
- Smoothing
- Aiding in the penetration of actives
The dermaviduals Alga Mask Treatment and bespoke facials are available at a range of clinics across Australia with prices starting from $120.

About dermaviduals:
Made with pure, natural ingredients, all dermaviduals products are free from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines, so you can be sure there are no nasties in your skin care routine. dermaviduals is now available in over 150 clinics across Australia. The range now includes cleansers, serums, face and body moisturisers, and bespoke mineral makeup.

Get Glowing Skin this Spring Racing Season

Get Glowing Skin this Spring Racing Season

Get Glowing #NoFilter Skin This Spring Racing Carnival

For skin that's best on field this Spring Racing Carnival, look no further than Sand & Sky. Packed with the goodness of Australian botanicals, the cult skincare brand has two odds-on favourites for achieving a gorgeous. glow in no time at all.

The perfect pre-event pick-me-up, Sand & Sky's cult Porefining Face Mask brightens and detoxifies the skin in just 10 minutes. An overnight internet sensation, the 4-in-1 miracle mask transforms congested, dull, oily or overloaded skin, deeply cleansing and detoxifying with super-absorbent Australian Pink Clay. Meanwhile, antioxidantrich mangosteen and pomegranate brighten and invigorate, as witch hazel refines pores and enhances repair. The world's richest source of Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum pairs up with licorice to tackle pigmentation. Skin is left bright, soft, even and virtually poreless – perfectly prepped for makeup application, and ready for that selfie.
RRP $69.90

Fun fact: the ORIGINAL Australian Pink Clay Mask, the Porefining Face Mask sold out in Australia and the UK just 12 weeks after launch and had a 2.5k waitlist for its second drop!

The much anticipated second drop from Sand & Sky, the triple-action Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment will shake up the way you exfoliate. First up, Australian Pink Clay gets down to serious detoxing business, removing pollution and impurities from deep within the skin, while eliminating shine and helping regulate oil flow. Next, physical and chemical exfoliants combine to exfoliate and resurface the skin. Bamboo and macadamia seed remove dry, dull skin cells for instant softness, as the powerful AHAs in Australian Finger Lime speed up cell turnover for a fresh glow. Finally, a cocktail of antioxidants invigorate and restore longlost radiance, as witch hazel tightens pores and perks up tired skin. Suitable for sensitive skin, the exfoliating treatment smooths, refines and mattifies the skin for a flawless makeup application. Simply massage the exfoliator into damp skin, leaving on for 5 minutes so the fruit acids can work their magic!

Fun fact: the Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment launched in April with a 15,000+ international waitlist!

Spearheading the new wave of A Beauty brands attracting global attention, Sand & Sky launched in April 2017 with THAT internet-breaking Australian Pink Clay mask. Now stocked by a who's who of retailers, including Sephora Paris, ASOS, Beauty Bay and Harvey Nichols, Sand & Sky is, put simply, Australian botanical skincare that works.

We've skipped the crazy claims, complex ingredients list, and 10-step regimes. We know you'd rather be at the beach. Come to think of it, so would we. Instead, we keep it real with effective, easy-and-lovely-touse botanical products that give you holiday skin. No nasties, no worries. Just seriously good skincare for seriously glowing skin.


Review: Love the feel of this tightening and invigorating mask, softened my skin, and cleansed the pores.



New Innovation: Get A Perfect Sunless Tan In Under 2 Minutes With Nano Mist Tan Compact!

Self-tanning innovator MineTan has created the perfect blend of beauty, technology and convenience - with a genius pocket-sized portable spray tan mist, available online now.

The Nano Mist Tan Compact fuses Nano Atomization Technology and compact convenience in one chic device, which is smaller than an iPhone and delivers a mess-free 'insta-tan' on the go. It's the ultimate beauty tool that combines an amazing facial moisturizer with a self-tanner: compact and ready to be taken with you anywhere, so you can get the perfect sunless tan in under two minutes whenever, wherever.

Experience the most flawless, even tan ever thanks to Nano Atomization Technology, which atomises the tan solution into tiny nanoparticles, enabling it to be absorbed faster than ever before. Your skin will be left feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed as your tan develops gradually over the next few hours. A godsend for jet setters, beauty influencers, last minute events, and emergency tan touch-ups – the Nano Mist is your new secret weapon.

How To Use:
Distribute the Nano Mist solution into the atomizer device's reservoir
Position 10-12cm away from skin for best results
Slide the front to activate
Smooth with the Nano Mist mini blending mitt if required
Charge with the device's own USB charging cable (you can even charge it in the car!)
Reapply as desired

Since their launch, Australian-founded Company MineTan has quickly grown a cult following of beauty elites, from celebrity spray-tanners to Australian beauty influencers like Ariana Merinda, Yuni Wilson, and Amanda Blanks.

Customers and celebs alike can't get enough of the brand's commitment to innovative formulas and products, inclusive colour ranges, PH balancing, skin-healthy, vegan-friendly formulas and their landmark point of difference: the world's first One Hour Tan.

The Nano Mist is THE ultimate compact beauty tool that is sure to be a must-have for beauty lovers wanting to radiate all year round.

RRP: $119.00



Review: Great idea, perfect for those who love a spray tan for on the go touch ups and to match the body for those of you who don't put your face in the sun.  Pet gripe of mine is after paying for an all over spray, I look great on the night, make up on point, but the next day after washing off makeup, face and body skin colour don't make.  This is where this handy compact spray and help you out get a matching tan.


Has Your Skin Got the Winter Blues?

Has Your Skin Got the Winter Blues?

With winter officially here we need to take care of our skin more than ever.

Luckily Australian luxury for less skincare brand voeu has your skin covered this season with a range of moisturisers for all skin types, as well as a new Naturals night cream and a Jojoba Oil and Oat Extract Body Moisturiser.


Available exclusively at Woolworths, all these products are available for $10 or less, making them great for your skin and your wallet!



Designed by busy women for busy women and their families – MiLuxy

New luxurious, effective and affordable skincare tools launches in Australia

A new range of incredible skincare devices has just been launched in Australia that offers spa-like results in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost. Called MiLuxy, the range was developed by a group of women working for a large global technology business who saw the opportunity and need to create affordable, quality beauty products with features that work to deeply cleanse, nourish and lift skin, minimise wrinkles, boost collagen and much more.

Australia is one of the worldwide launch markets for MiLuxy and local head of the brand Wendy Hammond says, "We're all juggling so many things in our lives these days that it is difficult – or even impossible – to find time to make it to a beauty treatment, and it is not only the time, it's the cost that prevents many of us from making that appointment.

"MiLuxy products have all been developed using latest sonic and ionic technologies to deliver the best possible beauty outcomes for a variety of needs – more radiant, plumper, smoother skin, less blemishes, better tone – and they all take only a few minutes. In fact a full spa-like treatment – cleansing, nourishing and lifting –with our MiLuxy Moisturising Massager takes just nine minutes," she says.

"And if, like me, you have teenagers, they are going to love the MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush which gently exfoliates, getting rid of dry and dead skin and unclogging pores which cause blackheads, whiteheads and many types of pimples and blemishes. It's also perfect for daily cleansing and exfoliation of tired skin, like mine," she adds.

There are four individual products in the launch range starting with the MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush (RRP $179). While the cult of cleansing brushes is not new – there are already a lot of alternatives on the market – but what makes MiLuxy different is the quality of the device and how it works. Firstly, it is totally waterproof so you can use it in the shower for super-efficiency in your morning routine. Effective sonic cleansing requires brushes that oscillate (not rotate) at speeds of above 250 motions per second and the ability to switch from low to medium to high impact depending on the sensitivity of the area you're treating. You don't want to damage skin that is especially sensitive or has broken out. This is also why the brush offers a "Smart Regime" – that automatically adjusts the speed to suit each area of the face – for example, six seconds on high on your forehead, moving to a lower speed for your cheeks and even lower for around the eyes. In just one minute, it gently exfoliates and cleanses, getting rid of dead and dry skin and unclogs pores for the clearer, cleaner and brighter looking skin.

The MiLuxy Eye Massager (RRP $69) is a deceptive looking device. It is small, stylish and simple to use but feels amazing and is highly effective. Battery-operated, it can be used as often as you like to apply eye creams or gels or simply to relax tired eyes. Your eyes will feel smoother and more relaxed as the 10,000 ionic vibrations per minute gently massage, stimulating blood circulating and allowing the creams to really penetrate the eye area. It's so small you can pop it in your bag and use it any time of day.

The MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula (RRP $189) is a truly incredible "four-in-one" device that is not only brilliant at removing blackheads and unclogging pores painlessly, it also exfoliates, nourishes and provides gentle massaging of skin. It works by using sonic technology and depending on which mode is used, the vibrations either attract or repel positive or negative ions out of or into your skin.

There is no need for rough exfoliation or abrasive products – in "cleanse" mode simply use water and the positively charged ions draw out the impurities. Amazing!

You can also use this to cleanse and remove make up brilliantly, and then in "nourish" mode it uses negative ions to pump moisturiser into the skin and massages and firms in "lift" mode.

And if you love the feeling of fingertips gently massaging your skin during a facial, try the "pat" mode as 1.68 million tiny vibrations per minute make your skin feel refreshed and alive!

Imagine spa-like results in just nine minutes at virtually the cost of one professional treatment! Sounds incredible, but it's true. The MiLuxy Moisturising Massager (RRP $249) is a one-stop beauty device that delivers a complete skincare regime making your skin feel better after even the very first use. The Moisturising Massager cleanses, nourishes and lifts the skin using ionic technology to draw out impurities or pump in moisture. It also includes a gentle heat boost to help stimulate the production of collagen.

MiLuxy is available direct from and ships within 24-48 hours of receipt of delivery. You'll also find more information about how the products work and videos on how to get the best results.

In 2016 a group of women working at leading global technology innovation and manufacturing business MiTAC, believed the company had the technical and design know-how to create a superior range of quality skincare products - to cleanse, tone, nourish and lift - at affordable prices. As busy working women, they also wanted to create effective, unfussy beauty products that didn't need a lot of time to use, or require the use of costly creams, but still deliver incredible results that made people feel and look good. Almost like going to a spa! The result is MiLuxy. High quality design that feel good to use and incorporate the latest technology to deliver skin that looks and feels beautiful in no time at all, and doesn't cost the earth.

Ultraceuticals Australia Starter Packs

Ultraceuticals Australia Starter Packs


Ultraceuticals RVR90™ Campaign

Get skin confident in just 90 days


Ultraceuticals RVR90™ - Real Visible Results in 90 days, is a life changing campaign which runs across Australia and each year with a vision to empower people and boost inner-confidence by achieving their best skin yet.


The program is designed to restore people's faith in an industry with often over-hyped claims by experiencing a high-performing, cruelty free, paraben free and scientifically proven range; giving Ultraceuticals 90 days to transform their skin #RVR90.


This year's campaign winners shown below:










17 year old, Hayley (Acne) video:


36 year old, Hayley (Hyperpigmentation) video:


61 year old, Maxine (Anti-ageing) video:


In 2018 from this week, the RVR90 program will once again commence, driving awareness around the effectiveness of Ultraceuticals and helping customers understand the treatment journey and commitment it takes to achieve desired results. A person's skin journey is made up of a combination of homecare and in clinic treatments. 70% of outstanding skincare results are created through a homecare regime, while the remaining percentage is accomplished through in-clinic treatments.


The RVR90™ involves a simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Skin technician identifies clients' core skin concern and selects the treatment serum to treat this concern from four categories: Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Loss of Firmness, Acne & Congestion, Coarse Texture & Dull Skin tone.


Step 2: Skin technician then selects a pack to suit clients' skin type. Each pack contains 3 FULL-SIZE products.


RVR90™ Starter Pack Oily/Normal

  • Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser 200ml
  • Ultra Hydrating Lotion 75ml
  • Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50+ 100ml

RRP $199


RVR90™ Starter Pack Dry/Normal

  • Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser 200ml
  • Ultra Moisturiser Cream 75ml
  • Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50+ 100ml

RRP $199


Customers who take part in the program are given a promotional offer that involves a free bonus serum with their RVR90™ pack.


Step 3: Skin technician then prescribes a complete treatment and homecare plan to accelerate the client's journey.

Clinics are provided with detailed booklets to document their customers skin journey over the 90 days including before and after pictures that showcases their progress throughout the program.




Instagram: @ultraceuticals #ultraceuticals



How Painful Is Laser Removal Treatment?

How Painful Is Laser Removal Treatment?

One of the main reasons people are put off from having laser treatment to get their tattoos removed is that they believe the process may be painful. While pain is relative, and can vary from person to person, in general laser tattoo removal is much less painful than getting a tattoo. It's important to talk to the clinic though before starting treatment to discuss any concerns you may have about the process.

What Does Laser Treatment Feel Like?

Laser treatment works by shooting a short burst of light energy at your skin, in order to break up the ink particles under the skin so they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and expelled naturally over a period of time. This means that the process is in no way invasive, and, contrary to popular belief, the lasers do not burn the skin at all. Having said that, it's important to find a clinic that will use high end, surgical grade lasers (Q-switched lasers) rather than cheaper ones that can actually damage the skin or even cause long term scarring.

Depending on your type of tattoo, the treatments you undergo may be as little as just a few minutes in length, and the sensation of the laser has often been described as a rubber band snapping at your skin for a brief second, or being hit with hot oil for just a second. Most professional clinics will offer the use of cryogenic cooling machines during the treatment, which blows out cold air at around minus 30 degrees Celsius. This can help to numb the area. They may also offer a topical anaesthetic such as Dr Numb, EMLA or LMX, with lidocaine as the active ingredient in the majority of them.

After the treatment is over, you may find that your skin is a little sore or swollen, and the clinic may suggest that you over the counter medicine to alleviate any discomfort. Ice packs can also help with any ongoing swelling. In the days after your treatment, you may experience itching at the site of the tattoo while your skins starts to heal. You may also find that blisters form as the skin attempts to protect the area. It's very important not to pick or pop these blisters, as it can actually slow the healing process. The blisters will gradually go away over a few days, with the potential for scabs forming afterwards (these will also disappear over a week or so).

If you're sunburnt, it's probably a good idea to postpone having any treatments until your skin goes back to normal. This is because any irritant can disrupt the treatment process and affect the way the skin heals.

Will Some Parts Of My Body Hurt More Than Others?

The other question that people ask is whether tattoos on certain parts of their body will hurt more to remove than other areas. In general, any area where the skin is thinner or closer to the bone will be slightly more painful than other parts – this can include the collarbone, ankles, feet and fingers. Again, if you're concerned about your tattoo, talk to the laser professional.

Get Professional Advice

As with any medical procedure, it's a good idea to talk to a professional about your requirements and any fears you might have before embarking on a course of laser removal treatments. A qualified laser technician will be able to allay any fears you might have, as well as assess your skin and your tattoo for the process. Not everyone's skin will react the same during the process, and having an individual assessment can help to make your tattoo removal successful.

Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Minimizing Patches

Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Minimizing Patches

Sleeping Beauties Rejoice!

For overnight success, try Formula 10.0.6's treatments that work whilst you sleep. You can literally be Sleeping Beauty with these skincare saviours, waking up to reveal a spot–free, flawless complexion.


The Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Minimizing Patches harness the power of tea tree and grape seed and a blemish treatment bursting with natural goodness from blackcurrant.
RRP: $6.99 (4 pack)


The Formula 10.0.6 P.M. Perfector, Overnight Blemish Treatment is a light dreamy cream that contains the brilliance of blackcurrant and licorice to soothe, condition and nourish the skin. Rejuvenating cranberry helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and put breakouts to bed! Use nightly for a flawless beauty sleep and wake up with clearer, brighter skin.
RRP: $11.99 (50 mL)


If dry and troublesome skin is getting you down, try Formula 10.0.6 treatments that let you sleep on it!

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