Top Ten Etiquette Tips When Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents

Top Ten Etiquette Tips When Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents

Top Ten Etiquette Tips When Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents

You only have one chance to make a good first impression and meeting your boyfriend's parents is the moment you really want to pack a punch in the first impressions department.

It is easy to let your mind spin into the negatives of What if they don't like you? What if you don't like them? Stop the negative self-talk and focus on the fact that if your boyfriend is a wonderful person, these are the people that raised him and instilled the values he has. Chances are if you make their son happy, they will warm to you very quickly. Here are a few tips to help his parents love you for the wonderful person you are!

Eye contact
When you meet anyone for the first time, always have good eye contact. It shows respect and maturity.

Smile, its free and is the easiest way to make others feel at ease around you.

Dress to impress
When meeting his parents for the first time, you should dress like you are going to a job interview. In a way, you are. They are sizing you up to decide whether you are fit for the job of being their son's girlfriend. Keep it classy and dress a bit conservatively for your style. When in doubt, it is better to be a tad overdressed, than under-dressed.

Ease up on the make up
If you normally wear a fair bit of make up, ease up on it when meeting the parents. Less is more.

Be ready to answer some questions about yourself
His parents will be interested to ask you questions about yourself and your family. It will be their way of trying to gather as much information about you to try and see what type of a person you are. Do not talk too much about yourself but be ready to answer questions about who you are. Be polite and friendly and let your good qualities shine through.

Don't gush about their son
This may seem counter-intuitive to what you believe you should do, but trust me, they already know their son is great. No need to go on and on about how wonderful their son is when meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time. It will come across as if you are trying too hard and it may embarrass them or even your boyfriend.

No public displays of affection
Do not be all over your boyfriend, be respectful that you are in the company of his parents and do not make them feel uncomfortable.

Brush up on your table manners
If you are meeting your boyfriend's parents over a lunch, tea or dinner invitation, brush up on your table manners. No elbows on the table, no mobile phones ringing at the table and eat with your mouth closed.

Take a gift
When visiting someone's home for the first time, always take a small gift. It could be flowers or chocolates but it's a wonderful gestures and a great habit to get into.

Win over his mother and you have won the race
Let's get real. Your boyfriend's dad probably doesn't care either way. In most cases, you can smile and make small talk and as long as his son is happy, he is fine. It is your boyfriend's mother you have to win over when meeting his parents for the first time. Ask your boyfriend ahead of time what his mom enjoys to do, what are her hobbies. You may find you have something in common with her that you can talk to her about. Make sure that you come across sincere and genuinely interested in her.
- Marina Passalaris

Marina Passalaris is the founder and director of Beautiful Minds Australia, a school dedicated to educating girls about self-esteem, etiquette and life skills to help them become confident and dynamic individuals. She is also the author of the new book, Beautiful Minds, available from
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