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Young Adults Given Cause to Rethink Risky Sex

Young Adults Given Cause to Rethink Risky Sex

The -Safe Sex. No regrets.' campaign was launched in response to rising rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among 18-35 yr olds.

Family Planning Queensland (FPQ) in association with Queensland Health will be distributing campaign materials through bars and clubs in Brisbane's CBD and major regional centres, throughout venues, online and through street press.

Chlamydia is the most common STI among young people in Queensland, with the number of notifications almost doubling in the last five years. More than 11,000 Queenslanders tested positive for Chlamydia in the last year.

FPQ spokesperson Anthony Walsh said 'The message of this campaign is very simple - the best way to enjoy great sex, whoever it's with, is to ensure that it is also safe sex"
'Many young people are going out intending to -pick up' – the problem is they may be picking more than they bargain for", Mr Walsh said.

Condoms are the most effective way of preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancy, however, research by Latrobe University found only 44% of men and 35% of women always use condoms with casual partners.

Mr Walsh said 'Drinking alcohol or using other drugs can affect your ability make safe decisions, and you're more inclined to throw caution to the wind. If you're prepared for safe sex beforehand, you're more likely to stick with that decision, than if you leave it till the last minute."

The campaign message is clear: Tonight I'm picking up an infection condoms.
FPQ advocates sex should be a positive experience, not something that is later regretted.


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