Screen Writer

  1. Name
    Tom Hopkins

  2. Age

  3. Job Description
    Screen Writer

  4. Hours (per week)
    Varies... 40+

  5. What was your first job?
    Supermarket Cleaner

  6. What inspired you to choose this particular career?
    I started writing a book in my chosen field of study (Non-Fiction). After getting very bored with that, I looked at other different areas of writing and commenced screenwriting. I really guess it was all to do with me being a movie lover and becoming sick of the constant rubbish being produced by Hollywood.

  7. What qualifications/experience are needed to work in this field?
    You need to have writing skills, creativity and an understanding of the various different Screen Writing formats. Screen Writing format information can be gathered by doing a Short Course in screenwriting.

  8. What are the best aspects about your job?
    For me, it is a creative outlet, where there really are no rules, so you basically can write about what you wish. It is also something that can be done after hours if you have a full-time job or completed whenever you have time.

  9. What are the worst aspects?
    It is very difficult to crack into the industry; writers work for years and may never have any of their stories published/made into plays/or movies. Usually you don't get paid when writing freelance.

  10. How many years' experience do you have in this field?
    I have been writing for around 1-½ years.

  11. Are there many employment opportunities?
    Very little, it takes great creativity and a lot of luck to be employed.

  12. What makes you angry (at work or anytime)?
    Horrendous Hollywood Movies that have all the hype, but don't deliver.

  13. What are you passionate about?
    Australian and Foreign movies (movies without American Influence) … In Australia, most non-English speaking movies are overlooked, but there are so many countries providing great movies such as France, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Greece. There also have been some great Australian movies in the past decade or two, it is important that we support local moviemakers for the industry to continue its growth in Australia.

  14. Your favourite place in the world, and why?
    Australia, Melbourne. It is my home.

  15. What is your idea of the perfect day?
    Any full day I spend with my girlfriend.

  16. Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy, healthy & enjoyable life (that you believe)
    • Love
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Good Food
    • Good Times


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