My Boy - Vince Deltito

My Boy - Vince Deltito
Have you ever wondered what kind of thoughts and opinions race through the male mind when it relates to 'girly' topics? Well wonder no more! GIRL brings you 'My Boy', where we ask the questions in the hope of gaining an insight into the male mind.

This month we invited music producer VINCE DELTITO to sit out the MY BOY challenge. A tradition here at GIRL, Vince was an enthusiastic participant and managed to come out of it unscathed!


Nickname(s): Cenzo, Vinnie D
Star Sign: Libra

Fave Food: Japanese
Fave Film: The Godfather
Fave Artist: Michael Jackson

Describe yourself in 3 words: Understanding, Cheeky and Humorous
Best Feature: I'm very understanding.
Worst Feature: My impatience.
Height: 5'8"
Your Ideal Woman: Someone who is very understanding.
Hobbies/Interests: I would like to try skydiving one day.
First Job: Young Talent Time
A talent you wish you had: I wish I were better at photography.
The best advice given to you: Understand your desires and work hard at making your dreams come true.
What cartoon character best describes you? Pink Panther!

Girl: Do you prefer girl's with/without makeup?

Vince: Either way is fine with me.

Girl: Now, do you prefer brains or beauty?

Vince: I'd have to say I prefer brains.

Girl: What is the worst pick-up line you have heard?

Vince: "Do you sleep on your stomach?" Answer: "No", Reply: "Can I?"

Girl: So what turns you on?

Vince: What turns me on musically is when I work on a brilliant album, that charts well and reaches a lot of people. But I also get turned on when a girl flirts across the room - I find that to be quite cute.

Girl: What turns you off?

Vince: Girls who ask too many personal questions when they first meet you.

Girl: Big boobs or big heart?

Vince: I'll have to stick with big boobs! (laughs)

Girl: Are you a boxers or jocks guy?

Vince: Definitely jocks, I hate boxers!

Girl: What was the most memorable moment about your first date?

Vince: I was so nervous I could barely string two words together.

Girl: Do you hog the remote control?

Vince: No I don't, I am very reasonable. Mind you, I don't watch all that much TV.

Girl: What song best describes you?

Vince: I'm A Bitch! (laughs)

Girl: So what is under-rated in this world?

Vince: Lip Balm!

Girl: What is over-rated in this world?

Vince: Reality TV.

Girl: Do guys like girls in glasses?

Vince: Yeah I do.

Girl: What is your idea of a romantic date?

Vince: My idea of a romantic date is going to a really nice restaurant where there is a good atmosphere, a nice meal and great conversation.

Girl: Are girls obsessed with their body image, more so than guys are?

Vince: I'd probably say so. Although men can be a little obsessed too but girls are more conscious of it I think.

Girl: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Vince: Yeah I do.

Girl: Are you a cat or a dog lover?

Vince: I love dogs.

Girl: Who is the bigger flirt? Guys or Girls?

Vince: Definitely guys! (grins)

Girl: Does vanity exist in males?

Vince: Yeah I think so.

Girl: Do you believe in astrology?

Vince: I am interested in it but I don't take it all that seriously.

Girl: Do you believe in fate?

Vince: Yes I do.

Girl: Who gossips more? Guys or Girls?

Vince: I think the girls win that one! (laughs)

Girl: How far would you go to win a girl's heart?

Vince: It would depend on how much I like her.

Girl: Why are so many guys reluctant to say I love you?

Vince: I think guys say it but generally they put on this macho front - it's not cool to admit your feelings.

Girl: Do you like girls who play hard to get?

Vince: Yeah I do.

Girl: If you could bring only three items with you to a deserted island, what would you bring?

Vince: Cindy Crawford and two of her friends!

Girl: What do you never leave home without?

Vince: My Discman.

Girl: Do girls who have been around the block too many times put guys off?

Vince: Yeah they do, it just comes down to respect. If someone respects you regardless of their background, then it's OK. But really, it's all about attitude I think.

Girl: And a question that we girls have always wanted to know the answer to - what do guys talk about in the toilet?

Vince: They talk about their hair! (laughs)

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- Annemarie Failla