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Dear Girl Q&A
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Dear Girl,

There is this guy I like but he is 16 and I'm 13! Although this doesn't bother me I'm not sure if it does him? I'm pretty mature for my age and he always says to me that he can't believe that I'm only 13! We're pretty good friends and he's coming over to my house tomorrow but I really, really, really love him! What should I do?

Signed Secret Admirer

Dear Secret Admirer,

Firstly, age does not fit into the equation of love, especially in your case. Love is the sum of the personal styles, life experiences, personalities, and aura's of two individuals. I suggest working up the courage and talking openly to your male friend about your feelings for him. Express to him that you feel as though your age could be a problem. However, on the basis of what you have said, it seems to me that your male friend is rather impressed by your sense of maturity. Confronting him is likely to be the best possible means of determining whether a) your male friend has romantic feelings for you and/or b) your age is an obstacle in the development of a romantic relationship with him. Think about it, confrontation is the 'mature' thing to do! May the force be with you girlfriend!