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Dear Girl Q&A
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Dear Girl,

My best friend is really attractive and when we go out to a party together, she gets lots of attention from guys. Next to her, I feel like the ugly duckling and am sick of being ignored whenever she is in the same room as me. What should I do?

Signed Ugly Duckling.

Dear Ugly Duckling (NOT!),

First of all, why do you need to constantly compare yourself to your friend anyway? Yes, it is fairly 'normal' to compare ourselves to others so long as it does not interfere with our personality development and happiness. Therefore, do not let it get in your way! Now is not the time to feel like the victim! Guys will enjoy your company if you can have a few laughs without worrying about anyone else. If guys gravitate toward your friend it is your prerogative to make something happen. Don't be afraid to initiate conversation with guys - most of them would be absolutely thrilled that a girl has come to talk to them! Confidence can be sexy (Grrrrrrrrrr!) Try to focus on the positive elements of your personality and physical self. Emphasize these elements, flaunt them, and feel comfortable about them. Remember there will always be something that you do not like about yourself, be it a physical feature or a personality trait. It is a matter of either accepting these 'perceived' weaknesses or, alternatively doing something about them, so long as you do it for yourself!