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Dear Girl Q&A
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Dear Girl,

My boyfriend has asked me if I would be interested in spending the night at his house. I am 17 and have had sex before, but have never slept with a guy and haven't had sex with him? I want to, but just don't know what to expect from him and from sleeping over?

Signed Sleepover.

Dear Sleepover,

Well, the first thing you can do if you are thinking of having sex with the boy, ask yourself if you are really confortable with him and the situation of being alone with him. It may pay to wait a little longer if you dont feel comfortable.
Sleeping with someone is something very special, waking up besides someone you care about is an amazing feeling, especially if you do love this boy.
But what to expect? Well, you will have to experience it to find out. All males are different, you may actually find you are awake most of the night... or you may fall asleep and not even realise it until the next day. You may find that the body heat of someone besides you gives you comfort, warmth and you sleep easier... it may be annoying...