Love and Romance this Valentines Day

Love and Romance this Valentines Day
Valentine's Day or Saint Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on the 14th of February. It is a traditional day, when lovers express their love for each other by sending cards, flowers, chocolates or other presents.

Valentine's Day seems to be a huge event, dinner reservations, presents, flowers and chocolates! It is hard to know what to buy but a present is a much, large or small, expensive or homemade!

One of the important tips for Valentine's Day is book ahead! Don't wait until the day before to book your partners favourite restaurant, as it will probably be booked out! Act ahead and have dinner reservations and flowers or gifts booked ahead! If you don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day, or have decided not to this year, it doesn't mean you don't organise a card! Purchase a beautiful card, homemade or otherwise, and take a minute to write your true feelings down. A card will often out do any perfume or flowers. Choose something from the heart this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is all about love. It doesn't matter how long you have been in love or if it is your first date remember it is about spoiling one another. It isn't just about women and it definitely isn't just about men! Together work on showing your love for each other this isn't just with presents either. Massages, home cooked meals, bubble baths and movies will do the trick!

Carolyn Clydesdale, a Fast Impressions dating expert, has answered some of the tough 'love and romance' questions. These answers will hopefully get us through Valentine's Day 2009.

How can a couple who have been married for a long time, make Valentine's Day and their wedding anniversaries special?

Carolyn Clydesdale: Valentine's is a chance for you to show the one you love that you appreciate them, as so often we forget to say what they mean to us. It's not about expensive gifts or flash meals (although that won't do any harm!) it's about telling those you love how much they mean to you.

Is Valentine's Day overrated?

Carolyn Clydesdale: There are some countries where people can go a bit over board - take Carrie & Miranda from the recent SATC movie trying to enjoy a nice mean together while getting hear shaped balloons constantly caught up in their dinner! Again, it's not about materialistic things it about taking time out to say that you care.

What is your number one dating tip for females?

Carolyn Clydesdale: Not talking too much, ask questions & show an interest in the guy you're with, people love talking about themselves & unless he's a total bore with no opinions, in which case you don't want to date him anyway, he'll love the fact that you're so interested in him & what he's about.

What are a few romantic ideas for women to spoil their partners this Valentine's Day?

Carolyn Clydesdale: Men love being pampered as much as women, how about a chilled beer, a foot rub & a massage - I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

Men don't seem to enjoy flowers, cards and teddy bears as much as women, what gifts can we give men for Valentine's Day?

Carolyn Clydesdale: Experience gifts are always a fun way to spend time together, pick something special for both of you to experience, like a hot air balloon, or a day driving on a racetrack - you both get a fun day out & you get to spend time together doing something you wouldn't normally get to do.

What is the key to being romantic?

Carolyn Clydesdale: Listening - paying attention to someone's opinions, likes, dislikes & remembering them.

Should a man be in charge of all plans for Valentine's Day? Or should it be a joint job?

Carolyn Clydesdale: It depends on the couple I suppose, but again it's about being personal to you as a couple.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day we are also asking 'What is the most romantic thing you have done, or had done for you?'

If you're stuck for ideas to spoil a loved one this Valentine's Day check out our Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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