Love Junkie

Love Junkie

Love Junkie

An unflinching memoir of one woman's self-destructive addiction to sex and love.

You can tell if you're a love junkie if you meet someone new, and instead of a spark, you get the whole meteor shower. It's like you're shooting up that skin-tingling, electric feeling of love, right into your heart. And 'love' wakes you up....

Love Junkie is the story of Rachel Resnick's dangerous addiction to sex and love. An addiction that has cost her in horrible ways throughout the course of her life- from the time she rea-ended a family van on the freeway because she was obsessively speed-dialing her lover's mobile phone, to missing the deadline for her first major newspaper assignment, to failing to show up for her first teaching gig.

Written with raw humour and unflinching honesty, Rachel's story bring love and sex addiction into a blinding light. Although her story is an extreme one, what we realise over the course of her journey is just how many people experience aspects of this addiction and the self-destructive that comes with it- all fed by a culture where romantic obsession is stroked by the stories we read, the movies we see, and the dreams we're fed.

Rachel Resnick wrote her first book, Go West Young F*cked-Up Chick and it was a Los Angeles Times bestseller. She has published articles, essays, and celebrity profile stories nationally and is a contributing editor at Tin House magazine. her essays have been included in numerous collections such as Damage Control and The Dictionary of Failed Relationships. She currently teaches on UCLA's Extension Writers' Program.

Love Junkie
Allen and Unwin
Author: Rachel Resnick
ISBN: 9780747595373
Price: $29.95


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