Women Say a Tradie in a Ute is Cute

Tradesmen in their utes can drive around with some added confidence this week as a new on-line poll conducted by distributors of the new utility vehicle the Pik-Up from Mahindra has found that 53% of women think that a man driving a ute is sexy, particularly if they carry their gear in the back and mean business.

"Since our launch in June we have found that the vehicle mostly appeals to tradesmen and the rural market, with both men and women in those areas showing interest," says Claire Tynan, Chief Operations Officer of TMI Pacific. "It's a well priced ute that can also serve as a flexible family vehicle, particularly the dual cab model. On that basis, we were curious to find out what the general perception of ute drivers was, and it seemed that women had the most to say."

Of those who found men in utes attractive, 66% said that the look of the vehicle and its cleanliness also mattered to them as it showed that the owner took pride in their work and appearance.

15% said that if there's a dog in the back of the ute, it makes the driver even "cuter", whilst 12% said that the look of the vehicle didn't matter as it was the man in the ute they were interested in! Only 6% said that they liked the "slick looking hotted up" utes.

Tynan states, "The popularity of utes is growing, particularly in metro areas. Brands such as the Pik-Up from Mahindra that offer dual cabs as an option allow the vehicle to become not only functional, but one that can serve as a family car on the weekend as it can fit the children in the cabin, as well as a dog and all of the family toys in the back of the ute. A weekend warrior of sorts!

"As it becomes more recognized as a versatile family car, women's perception of the vehicle is very important. In the country for example, women often share the workload on the land, as well as use the vehicle to do the household shopping, run errands or run the kids around. In many instances women take the lead or have a very active role in the purchasing decision.

"A standard Pik-Up from Mahindra for example offers features such as child-locks, power steering, air-conditioning, power windows, a Kenwood stereo system with MP3/SD/CD, as well as being offered in a range of colours such as Apple Red, Rocky Beige and Mist Silver which are all likely to appeal particularly to women. So often it's not just about their perception of the ute as something their partner might drive, but how it can cater to their own needs as a family vehicle which we very much take into account."

For more information on the Pik-Up from Mahindra visit www.mahindrapikup.com.au