Make your Valentine's Day Eco Friendly

Make your Valentine's Day Eco Friendly

Are you worried about the environment? Or, do you just want to do something different this Valentine's Day? If so, why not put a green spin on February 14th this year?

The idea of creating a greener lifestyle is to have a minimal effect on the planet we live in. Valentine's Day is one of the biggest card giving holidays and as a gift to the environment we should try doing things differently this Valentine's Day.

Send an e-card: to your Valentine; you can include a loving message so the card is as personal as it would be hand written. By sending an e-card you are helping the environment by not using paper and also directly saving our resources through less pollution.
Most websites offer free e-cards, which means you have a few more dollars to add to your savings or for a present! E-cards can also be interactive, which means they move, are colourful and have music attached, you can't do that with a traditional posted card!

Choose eco-friendly cards: if you don't want to send an e-card, choose a card which is made from recycled paper- or make your own out of paper and photographs you already have at home.

Instead of giving flowers, give a tree: planting a tree together is as special as receiving flowers the only difference is the plant will continue growing long after the flowers have died.

Give a gift to charity: you can give a gift or donate to a charity on behalf of your Valentine, which in turn gives a gift to your loved one and to someone who doesn't have much at all.
Oxfam offers a great program, where a $10 donation gives a chicken or seeds to someone who needs it most or a $60 donation provides food for a child and $50 provides a fishing net for a community to use. .

Don't drive: Valentine's Day is meant to be relaxing; save the environment and don't drive, go for a walk or a bike ride and have a picnic at a peaceful location.

Spend the day outside: gardening as a couple or taking a dog for a walk; if you don't have a dog, chances are someone you know does, who would love you to walk their dog.

Have a candle-lit dinner: candles are romantic and make any event special. By using candles you are reducing the electricity bill and having less of an impact on the environment and your wallet!

Steer clear of pricey dinners: and stay in. Doing anything remotely romantic on Valentine's Day can be extremely expensive, stay at home and cook using fresh, organic ingredients. You could even make compost!
Making compost is easier than most people realise. Composting is recycling your garden and household waste. You can add food scraps, leaves, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells and more to your compost heap.

Do something together: don't think of it as a chore, think about saving water and do the dishes together instead of putting the dishwasher on. One person can wash the other can dry- who says you can't have fun in the kitchen?

There are numerous ways you can ensure you have a relaxing, different, fun and green Valentine's Day this year!