How to Create A Magical Relationship

How to Create A Magical Relationship

The 3 Simple Ideas that Will Instantaneously Transform Your Love Life

By Ariel Kane & Shya Kane

Discover the three simple ideas that will instantaneously transform your relationship.

Happily married for almost twenty-five years, world-renowned workshop leaders Ariel and Shya Kane have learned that the secret to a magical relationship lies in three simple but profound principles. These ideas of "Instantaneous Transformation" help you "see" yourself and your partner in a whole new light and bring about real communication, genuine interactions, and relationships that are loving, easy, fun, and inexplicably great.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1. What you resist persists and grows stronger. Acknowledge disagreements, accept differences, and let them go.

2. You can only be exactly as you are in the moment. Open your heart and embrace your partner-and new people-unconditionally.

3. Anything you allow to be exactly as it is completes itself. Live in the present and love every moment of your relationship.

You'll be amazed how these three basic concepts can instantly turn an ordinary relationship into a magical one. Whether you are in a relationship or hoping to find one, How to Create a Magical Relationship opens a window of possibility to circumvent the barriers to intimacy so you can have a relationship that far surpasses your dreams.


Ariel Kane and Shya Kane are bestselling, award-winning authors, Internet radio hosts, seminar leaders, and corporate consultants who have helped transform the lives of individuals, couples, and organisations around the world.

How To Create A Magical Relationship
Author: Ariel Kane & Shya Kane
ISBN: 9780071601108
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