The Partner Test: How well are the two of you suited?

The Partner Test: How well are the two of you suited?

Put your partner to the test!

Do you sometimes wonder if your current partner is the right one for you? You might share a bed and some common interests, but now and then do you ask yourself, 'Am I truly ready to commit to this person?' Or if you are already in a committed relationship, do you ever stop to ask, 'How well do I really know my partner?' or consider what it is that makes you a strong couple and which parts of your relationship could use a little work?

'The Partner Test' is a collection of simple and fun tests covering all aspects of relationships, designed to help couples discover if they are truly right for each other. This informative and entertaining book for couples in their 20s and 30s includes twenty revealing tests which address a range of relationship questions including:

* How sexually compatible are you?
* Do you bring out the best in each other?
* How well do you really know each other?
* What are your life goals and how do they compare to those of your partner?
* Why do you fight and do you fight fair?
* Do you share the same attitudes about money and how does that affect your relationship?

Authors Jo Lamble and Sue Morris are clinical psychologists and experienced relationship counsellors. By exploring issues such as commitment, sexual compatibility and attitudes, money, honesty and life goals, The Partner Test offers true insight into your relationship, your partner and yourself. Each test is followed by an in-depth interpretation of your answers featuring information about the topic and strategies to tackle problems. The aim is to get you and your partner thinking about important issues and how to resolve problems, and develop the most invaluable relationship tool of all - communication!

Jo Lamble and Sue Morris specialise in working with people in relationships. They are the authors of three books: Side by Side: How to think differently about your relationship; Motherhood: Making it work for you; and Online and Personal: The reality of Internet relationships, all published by Finch.

In the course of developing The Partner Test, they researched relationship issues extensively and talked to couples in both Australia and the US. Jo Lamble lives in Sydney. Sue Morris lives in Massachusetts, USA.

Finch Publishing
The Partner Test: How well are the two of you suited?
Authors: Jo Lamble & Sue Morris
ISBN 9781876451608
RRP: $19.95


The Honesty Test

1. You have slept with someone your partner knew in the past - before you were together. Should you tell your partner, even though you think it would upset them?

a) Yes, there should be no secrets between us
b) Only if they asked
c) No, it would only cause a problem.

2. Your partner asks if you think they have put on a bit of weight and you think they have. Do you tell them?

a) Yes, they asked
b) I would suggest that we both watch what we eat
c) No, all hell would break loose.

3. You have found a lump in your body and you have made an appointment with the doctor. Do you tell your partner?

a) Yes, I would want them to know whatever I know
b) I would wait until I had seen the doctor
c) I would wait until I had the all-clear.

4. Your partner gives a speech at a friend's wedding. It's awful. When they ask how it went, do you tell them the truth?

a) Yes, they need to know that they should never make a speech again
b) No, but I would try to discourage them from accepting the job at another wedding
c) No, I would tell them they were fabulous.

5. Your partner's mother has rung and confided in you about something and has asked you not to tell your partner. Would you tell them?

a) Yes, it is their mother and they should know
b) No, but I would encourage them to see more of their mother at the moment
c) No, if she didn't want them to know, I wouldn't tell.


Time to score...

You obviously believe in honesty at all costs. But what is the cost?

Honesty is important to you but not at the expense of your partner's feelings, which should help your relationship stay on track.

Honesty doesn't seem to be a high priority for you.