Witch in the Bedroom

Witch in the Bedroom

Proven sensual magic.....


Australia?s own superwitch, Stacey Demarco, has released her second book, Witch in the Bedroom, proven sensual magic.

A practical guide to love, relationships, great sex and building lasting connection, Witch in the Bedroom helps define the obstacles people place in their lives, assist in suspending old beliefs, overcome debilitating fears and puts the enchantment back in life.

Demarco blends down-to-earth advice with ancient rituals, age old wisdom with contemporary remedies as she helps real people grapple with relationships. She demonstrates through real life case studies how ?The Witches Way? can help one build self-esteem, attract a fabulous partner, increase fertility and maintain an exciting relationship of any kind.

"Witches have always assisted people with love and relationship issues such as attracting a new partner, improving sex or healing a broken heart, however we have equally powerful results with modern problems like resolving body issues, finding equality in relationships and recovering from divorce." says Stacey Demarco.

"Contrary to popular belief, its not all brooms and witches hats!"

Demarco?s first book, Witch in the Boardroom has now been released in the US to critical acclaim. Stacey has a busy consultancy offering personal consultations for those seeking to make positive lasting lifechanges.

Author: Stacey Demarco
Published by Llewellyn, Witch in the Bedroom is available in all good book stores including Borders or through Stacey?s popular website www.themodernwitch.com

Review: Take control of your love life and your own self perception. Witch in the Bedroom will enable you to become more comfortable with your body and your sexuality, empowering you to radiant confidence and self beauty to your partner giving you confidence in the bedroom.

Talking with Stacey Demarco

"It's a strange experience for a writer to be peeking into other people's bedrooms. Not literally, of course, but through the case studies I choose to include in my books. Tackling the topics of love, lust, relationships and fertility this time around meant that I needed to cajole those brave souls who were willing to be my magical guinea pigs. Asking a couple to trust you to improve their sex life, or to trust you at the worrisome time prior to undergoing IVF, is a big request. Thankfully, I was able to convince a number of wonderful people across three continents to do just that.

When I first decided to write about the Witch's Way as it applies to love, it was important to me to ensure that at its heart it had integrity, truth and a distinctly modern take. It is a recurring theme in my work to take the ancient wisdom of Witches and apply it to modern problems. Witches have always been good in the bedroom!

We are able to assist when it comes to building a solid personal foundation, attracting the right partner, keeping the lust alive and even when it comes to cleanly breaking the bonds when a relationship goes sour. We know, through our vast herbal and nature-based wisdom, which plant to use to balance hormones and which ones get the juices flowing. Our whole spiritual practice is based around creation and pleasure (which is in contrast to many other mainstream religions), and so Witches, I believe, are in a prime position to influence matters of the heart and body in significant ways.

I didn't want Witch in the Bedroom to be "just another spell book." My intention wasn't to instruct anyone on how to turn their boyfriend into a frog or show how to curse that nasty ex. Rather, I wanted it to demonstrate how - through the Witch's Way - the reader can attract and keep an ideal partner, build a greater connection with each other, ramp up their sensual pleasure and even conceive more easily, if that's their desire.

I purposely delve into the nitty-gritty issues, such as co-dependence and sexual disassociation, because they are such common complaints in today's world. However, keeping fun in it...such as a section on Sex by the Seasons....is also just as important in keeping lust and love alive."