But He Says He Loves Me

But He Says He Loves Me
Whether they livei n outback Australia or the middle of New York City, manipulative men do the same things, practically word for word and act for act, to lure in and control the women who love them.

Drawing on years of experience counseling both women and men, Dina L. McMillan shows how manipulative and abusive men use particular tricks to dominate and control their intimate partners. With frightening clarity, she reveals what motivates abusive men, the strategies they use at different stages of a relationship, and how they use women's throughts, feelings and insecurities as tools to manipulate them. She also explains the particular, seemingly small compromises that can lead to disaster, and how abusive men use sex to cement their domination.

'But He Says He Loves Me' shows how women can identify the warning signs of potential abuse from the earliest phases of the relationship, right through to commitment.

This is the first self-help book for women that details the earliest signs of manipulative and abusive behaviour. It is designed to help women identify the dangers before they become emotionally entangled in a destructive relationship.

This is not your normal self-help book. In fact, it is different from anything you have ever read. The information is not dressed up to be pretty or nice, but it may change your life.

Most advice for women about bad relationships starts too late. This book shows you how to identify and get out of a relationship with an emotionally abusive man before you sleep with him, move in with him, marry him or have children with him. And if you're already entangled with a man who is manipulating and hurting you, it explains how you became trapped by him so you can decide whether or not to get out.

Once you read this book, you will not have to guess if a guy is trying to manipulate you: you will know.

About the Author:
Dina L. McMillan has a PhD in Social Psychology from Stanford University and has counselled many female victims and male perpetrators of domestic violence. She provides training for human service professionals, advises government on domestic violence policy, and assists agencies in developing domestic violence support programs. Originally from Los Angeles, she now lives in Sydney.

Review: Scarey but true, Dina pinpoints the danger signs, how these men think, and how to overcome a seemingly desperate situation.

Allen & Unwin
Author: Dina L McMillan
ISBN: 9781741751963
RRP: $24.95