Spell on How to Attract the Right Partner

Spell on How to Attract the Right Partner
"It's a strange experience for a writer to be peeking into other people's bedrooms. Not literally, of course, but through the case studies I choose to include in my books. Tackling the topics of love, lust, relationships and fertility this time around meant that I needed to cajole those brave souls who were willing to be my magical guinea pigs. Asking a couple to trust you to improve their sex life, or to trust you at the worrisome time prior to undergoing IVF, is a big request. Thankfully, I was able to convince a number of wonderful people across three continents to do just that.

When I first decided to write about the Witch's Way as it applies to love, it was important to me to ensure that at its heart it had integrity, truth and a distinctly modern take. It is a recurring theme in my work to take the ancient wisdom of Witches and apply it to modern problems. Witches have always been good in the bedroom!

We are able to assist when it comes to building a solid personal foundation, attracting the right partner, keeping the lust alive and even when it comes to cleanly breaking the bonds when a relationship goes sour. We know, through our vast herbal and nature-based wisdom, which plant to use to balance hormones and which ones get the juices flowing. Our whole spiritual practice is based around creation and pleasure (which is in contrast to many other mainstream religions), and so Witches, I believe, are in a prime position to influence matters of the heart and body in significant ways.

I didn't want Witch in the Bedroom to be "just another spell book." My intention wasn't to instruct anyone on how to turn their boyfriend into a frog or show how to curse that nasty ex. Rather, I wanted it to demonstrate how - through the Witch's Way - the reader can attract and keep an ideal partner, build a greater connection with each other, ramp up their sensual pleasure and even conceive more easily, if that's their desire.

I purposely delve into the nitty-gritty issues, such as co-dependence and sexual disassociation, because they are such common complaints in today's world. However, keeping fun in it...such as a section on Sex by the Seasons....is also just as important in keeping lust and love alive."

Witch in the Bedroom Book www.girl.com.au/witch-in-the-bedroom.htm

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Perform this spell on any night where the moon is waxing (getting bigger in the sky) or on full moon.
Ensure that you will be undisturbed.
Have your intention clearly in mind or written down.
For example: "My intention tonight is to attract a partner that is ideal for me, quickly and easily."

Before the spell, take some time out to think about both the kind of relationship you want and the attributes of the ideal partner that you wish to attract. For example, you may want a committed relationship or a shorter, fun relationship.

The attributes in your ideal partner should be detailed but not too detailed. For example: why limit yourself by saying that your partner should only have blue eyes and blonde hair! Instead, ask that this person be someone that you are "physically attracted to." It's important to really have fun thinking about what you want and to think seriously about what YOU want for yourself.

Also ensure that your languaging is all positive list what you DO want and not what you wish to avoid. For example: add to your list that your want a generous partner, do not add you want a partner who is not mean with money. See the difference?

Also it is very important that you do not cast for someone you know. Witches do not get involved in interfering with any ones free will. No matter how much you fancy someone, DO NOT under any circumstances cast specifically for them.

Once you have your 'shopping list' go over it one more time to be sure and then cast.


1. Red or white candle.
2. Matches.
3. Bowl
4. Healthy pot plant with plenty of room round the plant.
5. Herbs: I prefer mugwort, sweet basil, yarrow and bats blood for this spell and you only need a pinch of each. The first 3 herbs can be found in almost any health food shop, and bats blood (a resin) can be found in magical supply stores such as www.lunationonline.com.au or early next year by ordering from me at www.themodernwitch.com If you can't obtain them all, that's ok..just use what you have.
6. Your list of attributes.
7. A piece of jewelry or an object you can use as a talisman (charged item). It needs to be something you can wear or carry fairly constantly.


Cast and open a Circle if you wish, but this is optional.

Dim the lights and relax.

Light the candle, and state your intent out loud. E.g.: "Tonight I am asking to attract my ideal partner"

Take several deep breaths.

Building Power

Now take your list and begin to read all the attributes OUT LOUD. Do this with emotion?really feel it! Once you have done this once, close your eyes and begin to imagine this ideal partner and what it would be like to have them with you.

What do they sound like? What do they look like? What are you doing together? Take your time doing this.

You should begin to feel good, positive emotion begin to rise in your Self. Enjoy this!

Now read your list out loud again, this time more strongly.

See this and FEEL this ideal partner clearly in your mind and body. Feel your personal vitality. Feel it warm you, pulse through you.

Breathe in deeply. As you breathe in, imagine you are inhaling even more power from the earth, the trees, the moon, and the sky.

Begin to chant:
Come to me! Come to me!
Grow and be Real,
Come to Me! Come to me!
Partner Ideal!

Chants faster and faster, and when you feel as though your emotion is at its highest, begin to tear up the list into little pieces in to the bowl.

Then take the pieces and dig them and bury them into the soil of the pot plant. Still chanting, faster and faster, add the sprinkling of herbs to the soil. Then take your talisman and holding it over the plant pour water over them both.

You have cast the spell!! CONGRATULATIONS! Know that your ideal partner is already heeding this energy and is growing towards you. Accept this fact in your own body and relax into this knowingness.

Offer Your Gratitude

Know that the Universe has heard your intention.
Be grateful in the knowledge that all is as you have asked it to be, if it be Her will and for the greatest good of all.

Complete the Ritual

Close your Circle or blow the candle out.
Take the charged talisman and keep it with you constantly.
Take care of that plant! Watch it grow and flourish.

If necessary, you may still feel really excited and maybe overwhelmed a little. You may wish to 'ground yourself' by eating or drinking something, exercising, or dancing!


You now have highly energised talisman. It's a reminder of your intention and your active participation. Keep it with you and try to let no one else touch it. If is a piece of jewelry keep it on, if its something else keep it in your bag, purse or pocket as much as you can..

Book of Shadows Entries

Chart your progress by recording your feelings, behaviors, actions, and results. (Template can be downloaded on my site if you wish to use this otherwise a journal is just fine.) Paying close attention to coincidences and details even if they seem insignificant or unrelated at the time.Remember to date all your entries.

I am always happy to hear from those who have cast spells initiated from me, so please feel free to share your experiences. Simply contact me at Stacey@themodernwitch.com

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