10 Reasons To Stay Single

This article is dedicated to all the girls out there in "Singledom". Whoever said that single girls don't have more fun?

Relationships are all about compromise.Being single on the other hand, is all about being in control and taking charge of yourself.

You are the Queen of your domain. Being single allows you to be self-indulgent without the need to feel guilty.

Often when in relationships, girls become self-conscious about their body image.

Being single means you are no longer a slave to the way you look.

Single girls can stop worrying about their image 24 hours a day, as they have no one to please but themselves.

Relationships involve sharing and sometimes that means everything! Some guys are content to just share your chocolate with you, but when they insist on borrowing YOUR clothes, you know you're in trouble!The beauty of being single is that you don't have to share with anyone - it's all about you, you, and you baby!

Relationships mean loss of party-life.

Single life means partying to dawn!

You get to meet different types of people while mingling in different circles.

Being single is all about fun, spontaneity and even more fun! So what are you waiting for - Network girlfriend!

Single girls are footloose and fancy-free.

Being a free agent entitles you to see whom you want, when you want.

Being single allows you to flirt with a guy, without feeling guilty!

Rediscover your own body clock. Single girls should enjoy the freedom; answer to no one and do things in their own timeframe.

Remember that single life can be a headache-free, hassle-free, wonderful Life!

- Annemarie Failla