Single vs. Commitment

Recently I decided to become a 'single girl'. Normally I am a relationship 'junky', so I believe I have some experience in both areas. As being an expert in both these situations, I can honestly say here, there really are great things about both of these positions.

So to make thing easier, I'm going to list the good and bad points of both the single life and the committed life.

Single- 'the good points'
· You don't need to explain where you've been, what you've been doing, and whom you were doing it with.
· You can go out with your girlfriends or male friends and not feel guilty that you've left your partner at home.
· You have the whole bed to yourself (unless you choose to invite someone to stay the night).
· If someone does stay the night, you can kick them out without any excuse; after all it is your bed.
· You can flirt guiltlessly with anyone you want (just be careful it's not someone else's boyfriend, because that's not good). You'll work that one out for yourself if you do.
· You have more time on your hands for socializing with friends (male or female).
· You don't need to worry about the word 'cheating' when you snog a boy.
· You don't get lectures about how much money you are spending on clothes and accessories.
· You can wear sexy clothes without feeling guilty when you go out.

Single 'the bad points'
· You may find yourself the victim of being alone on a Friday and Saturday night, when all your friends have dates.
· You may become close friends with your video store.
· You learn to cook for one (and there's always too much, so you may gain a few kilos).
· Or you could lose all this weight because you just can't be bothered to cook, and have no one there to appreciate it.
· You don't have that luxury of falling into comforting and loving arms when you have had a bad day.
· The loneliness.
· Pining over lost loves.
· Wondering if you are going to be the last single female in the world.

Commitment 'the good points'
· Having someone to hold at night.
· Knowing someone is thinking about you.
· Knowing you will not be without a date on any day of the week (that is if you have him well trained).
· Being able to be a part of the couples' dinners that are held once a week.
· Not worrying if he sees you stark naked in the daylight.
· Hopefully having compatible and great sex.
· If your period starts during sex he will either understand or 'pretend' to understand that it's not your fault (either way you'll sleep easier).
· Running away for romantic weekends together.

Committed 'the bad points'
· Having to explain why you were late and who that male is that keeps calling you from work.
· Worrying about the fact that he doesn't realize you've lost 3 kilos and are wearing make-up and you look really hot (because you are now being taken for granted).
· Worrying about the fact that you've gained 3 kilos and he does notice, only to remind you whilst eating that you are getting 'very cuddly'.
· Wondering where the 'flowers' went to?
· The weight you will gain when you start becoming complacent become you've landed your man, and now you think life has become rich food, videos which complement your safe lifestyle of no longer needing to man hunt.

Well whichever category you currently fall into, both have their advantages and disadvantages. So whether you are single or are in a committed relationship, just have fun and make the most of it.

- Louise Ganey