Kyle Chandler Super 8 Interview

Kyle Chandler Super 8 Interview

Kyle Chandler Super 8 Interview

Cast: Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Noah Emmerich, Ron Eldard, Frances McDormand
Director: J.J. Abrams
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Synopsis: A once-in-a-lifetime collaboration from master filmmakers J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg, Super 8 is a supernatural thriller about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Inspired by the movies Abrams loved and admired as a teenager, and by Spielberg's early filmmaking experiences, Super 8 tells the story of a group of teenage friends and the adventure they embark upon after a dramatic event takes place. It has been compared to classics such as The Goonies and Stand by Me.

In 1979, the US Air Force closed a section of Area 51. All materials were to be transported by train to a secure facility. In the darkness of night, the cargo train endures a spectacular crash before it reaches its final destination; the cargo and its fate remains a mystery. A mysterious supernatural force is now lurking in this normal town - is it a force for good or evil? What does it want? Strange, unexplainable things begin to happen. A shadowy government agency arrives - for what purpose? Do they want to capture the force, protect the town, or make sure the witnesses are kept quiet? Our ordinary family is trapped in the middle of these extraordinary events. In the race to unravel the mystery, every secret they uncover leads only to more questions...

Release Date: June 9th, 2011

Interview with Kyle Chandler

Question: Can you talk about the experience of working with J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg?

Kyle Chandler: It was a great experience! It's pretty much everything that you want as an actor, stepping into a role and being involved like that. The experience and being able to be involved in the creative process with the gentleman and people who love what they do; there is nothing bad I could say about it.

Question: Did Steven Spielberg spend a lot of time on the set of Super 8?

Kyle Chandler: I saw Steven Spielberg on the set a few times. With my role on Super 8 I was coming in for a week and then I'd be gone for a few weeks and then back a week and away for a few weeks so I don't really know how much he was on the set.

Question: How were you able to manage the secrecy surrounding the film?

Kyle Chandler: I am very good at keeping secrets; I have no problem with that.

Question: Was it tough to not talk about Super 8, at all?

Kyle Chandler: No, not at all. It was actually fun because you get to play with people when friends and family would ask 'What's the movie about?' and I'd tell them 'I can't tell you, it's a secret!' basically they get very upset with you but that's all fun! Now when people ask me what I'm doing as a follow up I tell them 'Oh I can't tell you, it's a secret' and it's much easier to handle!

Question: What are your personal thoughts on the film, Super 8?

Kyle Chandler: Super 8 is not really a sci-fi movie; it's not really anything you can point your finger to other than it has great story telling with good character development. Super 8 stars a bunch of young actors that are really, really wonderful in the film and there are moments that grab you in-between being really scared and laughing and everything else. There are tender moments of coming of age and you catch a tear in your eye and you sit there wondering 'why do I have a tear in my eye?' I think the answer to that is the way that the characters are developed beautifully and the way they are acted beautifully. Elle Fanning is so much fun to watch on screen - she is so enjoyable to watch and you have all these other young snot-nose kids who are some of the nicest, young gentleman you'll ever want to meet and they're all such wonderful young actors. Then you have J.J. Abrams using his magic directing them with all that talent, fun and skill put together with a great storyline - it's pretty obvious what you're going to end up with.

Question: Can you talk about working alongside Joel Courtney, because he provides such a captivating performance as your son, in the film?

Kyle Chandler: Absolutely, I cannot disagree with you.

Question: Can you talk about shooting scenes around the train crash?

Kyle Chandler: It was a rather massive set and everything that you did see when I was there in the daylight, in my scenes, that was all there. It was a rather large mess that they had made.

Question: Did you find it difficult getting into your character of Deputy Lamb in terms of being broken-hearted?

Kyle Chandler: I didn't find it that difficult. The fact of the matter is I didn't even know what the script was about until I got there; I had to accept the role before they would let me read the script.

Getting down there, the first thing I did was jump into the squad car with Bruce Marshall, the sheriff up in Weirton, West Virginia and he let me ride with him for a few days. I hung out with all the officers and we went and did some shooting, I made a few calls and a few arrests with them and that got my feet wet about having a little bit of authority in a small town and watching Bruce Marshall and stealing some traits and what have you. After that, I jumped on the set and I know a little bit about being a father and a little bit about having loss in my life. Then, I had J.J. Abrams who would tell you to walk across the room and do this and you'd walk across the room and do that and off you'd go. It was a playful set, it was very enjoyable and it is really pleasurable to see what ended up on stage.

Question: What was your favourite part of shooting Super 8?

Kyle Chandler: I can't say I really have a favourite part, in shooting. I can tell you the only stunt that I do I was proud of, that's because it looked so damn real and there was a matter of inches whether I was going to knock someone's teeth out, or not; I never did knock his teeth out and we only did the shot two or three times max, I think. My wife and I saw Super 8, together by ourselves in California and when I saw the stunt on screen I have to admit that I jumped up and went 'yeahhh!' That really did look good and I thought I looked really tough.

Question: How was it being involved in a movie with so many spectacular special effects?

Kyle Chandler: I think people are going to walk into Super 8 expecting something and it's not what they're going to be expecting. The special effects are not the main point of this movie, there are special effects but they're somewhat limited as to what people are going to expect. That said, it is beautiful to look at, it really does have all the elements in terms of good storytelling, it looks beautiful, it sounds fantastic. The train wreck alone, just hearing it, you feel exciting. The whole process of being apart of this film and meeting new people and working with people like J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg and being part of their idea, on screen, is just exciting!

Interview by Brooke Hunter