BooBoo Stewart Interview as Seth Clearwater in Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

BooBoo Stewart Interview as Seth Clearwater in Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

BooBoo Stewart Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Interview

Booboo Stewart will soon be seen in the highly anticipated 'Twilight Saga's: Breaking Dawn 1' this November-followed by 'Breaking Dawn 2' next November where he will reprise the role of Seth Clearwater from the amazingly successful 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse'. Booboo can also be seen in the indy feature 'American Cowslip' and soon to be released 'Smitty' opposite Mira Sorvino and Peter Fonda. He is scheduled to began filming the feature film ' Jake Stevens -The Last Protector' in which he will play the title character.

Booboo is a 17 year old dynamo who literally wants to do it all. He has already made great strides as an actor, singer, dancer, gymnast, stunt person, model and musician. Soon to also expand his many credits by releasing a comic book "Millennium Man" which he created and illustrated. He has recently been working on his TV resume -guest starring in shows such as 'CSI-Miami', 'The Haunting Hour' and 'Good Luck Charlie'. Booboo began his career path modeling (H&M and Guess to name a few) and performing with the Walt Disney Records musical group 'T-Squad' touring with the likes of 'The Cheetah Girls',' The Jonas Brothers' and 'Miley Cyrus'. He now is in the process of finishing his album with his sister Fivel Stewart, which will be released the summer entitled 'Change'. Booboo is endorsed by Gibson Guitars and plays the guitar, drums and piano.

Along with being a member of GATE (a program for academically gifted children) , he is also an talented athlete. He has been training and competing in the word of Martial Arts most of his life-winning two consecutive World Titles and being inducted into the Black Belt Junior Hall of Fame.

He and his sister are very involved with charitable organisations, having recently been names as Celebrity Ambassadors for 'Child Help'. He also works with MDA and the Los Angeles Mission.

Interview with BooBoo Stewart

Question: Are you enjoying your time in Melbourne?

BooBoo Stewart: Yeah! It has been really great and I've been having a great time! Just hanging out and doing interviews.

Question: Did you head down to Phillip Island and see the penguins?

BooBoo Stewart: Yeah I did! That was really fun because the penguins were so cute and little. I like doing the commentary, one was a spy penguin (laughs) that was really awesome!

Question: How did you react when you were told you had been cast as Seth Clearwater?

BooBoo Stewart: With my first reaction there was a lot of yelling, screaming and running around and then my mum made me go and do yard work (laughing)!

Question: Can you talk about filming the scene in Twilight Eclipse where you fight Riley has Edward is fighting Victoria?

BooBoo Stewart: Lots of people have asked how it was to do the fight scenes in Eclipse but I didn't have much to play in that scene because I'm a wolf in all of the fight scenes, I wish I had been apart of the scenes though, it would have been really fun! The CG team that did the wolves are so amazing!

Question: As far as The Twilight Saga books go, your character Seth Clearwater never imprints and stays with Leah Clearwater and Jacob Black - is this the same for the Breaking Dawn film?

BooBoo Stewart: I don't know? (laughing) I can't say much about that I'm sorry! You'll have to wait and see.

Question: Will we see your werewolf pack interacting with the Cullen's more in Breaking Dawn?

BooBoo Stewart: Yes, they do interact more, I can say that! It was really fun filming and working with all of them for longer because in Eclipse I had just been introduced to the story and for Breaking Dawn I got to be there a little longer it was really cool to be hanging around with them.

Question: Are you sad to say goodbye to Twilight?

BooBoo Stewart: We have already wrapped up filming and yes, I was extremely sad.

Question: How has your life changed since being cast as Seth Clearwater?

BooBoo Stewart: My life has changed a lot I get to travel all over the world now. Being apart of Twilight has given me a bigger opportunity for more projects and it lets me do the things that I want to do.

Question: Are you similar to the character of Seth Clearwater?

BooBoo Stewart: Yes, I think we are similar. We are both pretty easy going guys and I definitely think that Seth is a very easy going person, I mean he doesn't choose a side when everyone else has a vampire or wolf side he doesn't care about that. Seth Clearwater is one of the youngest wolf pack members and he just wants everyone to get along even though some of the members of the wolf pack and vampires frown upon that but I think that's the best way to be!

Question: Can you share with our readers what goes on, on the set of Twilight?

BooBoo Stewart: (laughing) What actually goes on is there is a lot of sleeping on the set of Twilight sleep, sleep, sleep. But it really depends on how everyone feels every day is so different, it's all so different but depending on the day we might all go out for dinner and just hang out together which is pretty cool!

Question: How did it feel to have to change your hair to play the role of Seth Clearwater?

BooBoo Stewart: I did have to cut my hair. My hair was so long, it was at my shoulders and I grew it out for the audition. I didn't cut it on purpose and then they said that I had to cut it, it was crazy having my hair so short, it hasn't been that short since I was 9.

Question: Did you enjoy the costumes in Twilight? You had a lot of scenes with no shirt on!

BooBoo Stewart: The costumes are so cool! The guy who does the wardrobe, Michael Wilkinson is awesome. For Halloween I was Rorschach from Watchmen because Michael Wilkinson worked on the costumes for Watchmen and we were talking about the outfit and he is such a good guy. Plus Michael can grow an extremely good beard! (laughs)

Question: How do you deal with the crazy fan mania that surrounds Twilight?

BooBoo Stewart: I think it's a little easier for me because when I got involved in Twilight it was already extremely popular rather than with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, when they started it blew up and they got extremely famous! It has been easier for me.

Question: Have you had a crazy fan experience?

BooBoo Stewart: Oh Yeah, it has been insane. The fans are so awesome and if it wasn't for them, Twilight definitely would be as big as it is!

When Eclipse had just been released I had to be escorted out of a shopping mall. I have been to Australia three times and the best fan experience I have had in Australia would have had to be in Perth I was at a Telethon and that was crazy!

Question: Did you read any of the Twilight books before auditioning for the role of Seth Clearwater?

BooBoo Stewart: Before I was even sure I was auditioning for the role and I was thinking 'I hope I can get an audition' I started reading the books just incase and I though they were good. The Twilight Saga is the first series I have actually ever read.

Question: Have you met Stephanie Meyers?

BooBoo Stewart: Yes, in Breaking Dawn she sits right in front of me in one scene and that was the first time I had really spoken to her and got to know her. She is really nice, down to earth! Every time I see her she looks different.

Question: You've worked as a stunt artist - what types of stunts did you have to do?

BooBoo Stewart: I've done a lot of stunts! I've done wire work and I was in Step Brothers as a stunt double. Stunts are so much fun to do! I'm really hoping to combine my stunt work and my acting later on.

Question: You seem to be able to do everything from acting, singing and dancing to modeling, Martial Arts and performing stunts - what's something most people don't know about you?

BooBoo Stewart: I cannot grow a moustache! (laughs) I can Yo-Yo, I was really into it for a while! If I like something I get really obsessed with it and I go full out, so I have so many in my room at home that I just don't use anymore! Being able to do the Yo-Yo is so much fun, but once you get into the more expensive Yo-Yo's (we were buying Yo-Yo's that were $50 - ridiculous!) they are really heavy and when they hit your knuckles it hurts!

Question: Can you talk a little bit about your upcoming projects?

BooBoo Stewart: Yeah, I'm finalising a deal at the moment for a movie and that project will probably start when I get back to the U.S. I wish I could say the projects name? I was just in Disney's 'Good luck Charlie' as a Hawaiian surf instructor, and I don't even surf, I don't like the ocean (laughing)! So, I would just sit there and build sand castles! I was apart of the voice cast in Guardians of Luna and we wanted to do it because we thought it would be funny doing a voice over because my character was a wolf, I thought that was pretty funny!

Question: Do you prefer acting in movies or for TV?

BooBoo Stewart: I think it really just depends on the script and how good the project is, really.

Question: Which actor would you love to work with one day?

BooBoo Stewart: Jim Caviezel and Martin Scorsese! They would be two people I really want to work with.

Question: What was your inspiration to get into acting industry?

BooBoo Stewart: Well I started doing stunts, then music, then modeling and then slowly I just started acting. My friends were doing acting and I would meet people who were actors and I would think how cool it was and now I watch movies constantly and that's all I do!

Question: What's a typical day like for you?

BooBoo Stewart: There is no typical day for me, it's always different! Most of the time we will start by eating breakfast and then go to the gym and then it just depends on where we are and what is planned it's a new thing every day, pretty much!

Question: Did you just release a song in the U.S?

BooBoo Stewart: Yes, my sister (who is fourteen) and I just released a song and it's on iTunes now. We are working on the album now and it's coming along really nicely she is back in the studio in the states working on it at the moment. It is pop-rock electrical-feel music it's not heavy-alternative rock but it's not girly-pop-rock either!

We co-write our own songs with James Lugo and Greg Sartiano. We have actually just worked with people who have come from London and they worked on Abbey Road with The Beatles.

I'm always inspired while writing and our album is all about change and making changes and that's what is inspiring me at the moment.

Question: We're not sure how you fit it in but we know you are involved with a number of charitable organisations - what inspired you to being working with local charities?

BooBoo Stewart: I work with so many charities, with my sister. is a big charity we are working with at the moment. Unfortunately it's not worldwide at the moment but eventually it will be. They help children that have been abused and they help prevent abuse in the future. I have heard the craziest stories about children who have been buried in their backyard with only a straw so they could breathe or children who have had their backs burnt by their parent's cigarettes. We have heard the craziest things and helps prevent that.

I think it is a great thing to work with charities, especially if you can bring awareness to the charities. I have tried to do as much for charity as possible.

Question: What has been your favourite part of becoming an actor?

BooBoo Stewart: My favourite part of being an actor is being able to play different people. I don't like when people play the same person all the time, I think that would get boring after a while.

Question: How do you go about learning your lines?

BooBoo Stewart: It depends but you never want to over learn your lines but of course you want to know them (laughing). There is a fine line of over doing it and knowing them just enough. Sometimes I will skim through the other person's lines, and then I will really listen to the other person while filming so I know when it's my turn to say my line other than knowing exactly what they are going to say.

Question: How do you fit in your music with your acting?

BooBoo Stewart: I don't know actually, we just seem to do it. We schedule everything and the schedule can change throughout the day but it just seems to all fit and work out, most of the time! It is so much fun being able to be in this business were I get to do what I really want to do, hopefully for the rest of my life.

Interview by Brooke Hunter and Morgan Sutherland.