Madasun Interview - Oct 2000


Put three charming, beautiful, talented and very down-to-earth girls together in a group and the result is guaranteed to be instant success. Introducing MADASUN - the latest girl group to hail from the U.K.! After performing around the traps for a number of years, Vicky (23), Abby (22) and Vonda (21) decided that the time had arrived for the girls to permanently make their mark on the world of pop music. Armed with talent, determination, ambition and their dreams, the girls secured themselves a record deal and MADASUN was born.

Recently in Australia to promote their smooth single "Don't You Worry", the girls took a breather and chatted to GIRL about music, beauty routines and life under the sun!

GIRL: Where did the name "MADASUN" originate from?

Vonda: The name MADASUN originated from a day in the park around the time of the eclipse, when the new millenium was beginning. Also we're quite mad people, it was a sunny day so we just put all of that together and MADASUN was the result.

GIRL: Abby, what was the first song you ever sang?

Abby: "Nelly The Elephant" was the first song I ever learnt, it was a song that my father had taught me.

GIRL: How many years have you girls been performing together as a group?

Vonda: We have been together as a group for the last four years.

GIRL: And how did all you girls meet?

Vonda: Originally we met at an audition where we were offered a record deal but we turned it down as it was going to be really manufactured and that just wasn't right for us. So we managed ourselves for about three years, toured up and down the country on our own, got ourselves a publishing deal and then we found management who had contacts at record label V2 in London. They gave us a demo deal, which meant that they gave us two songs that we went off and recorded in Sweden. If they were good they'd sign us and if they were bad we'd have to take it somewhere else. But as it turned out, they were really good songs, the first being our single "Don't You Worry" and our next single "Feel Good". So they gave us an album deal which is really pretty cool.

GIRL: Do you girls write your own material?

Vonda: We do, we've written three tracks on our album and also all our B-sides, so we're really proud of that. And we were present for all the other songs too, so we've had a lot of input in everything.

GIRL: When can we expect the release of your debut album?

Vonda: The album will be released to Australian audiences in November and is titled "The Way It Is".

GIRL: With your exhausting schedules, as girls, we know how important it is to look after your skin. So what beauty product would you recommend to our readers?

Vonda: My favourite beauty product is Midnight Secret by Guerlain. You apply it at night and it basically removes any blemishes or wrinkles your skin may have.

Vicky: I actually use Nivea Cream all the time, I love it!

Abby: I like the Body Shop range especially their Cinnamon and Nutmeg exfoliator, which I use in the morning because it's really fresh.

GIRL: Any other beauty advice you would like to offer?

Vicky: I'd like to tell girls to always have their toenails painted if they're wearing open-toe shoes because it is a terrible sight to see unhealthy, crusty feet! (laughs)

GIRL: If you could be a superhero or other character, whom would you identify yourself with?

Vonda: If I could be a cartoon character I'd be someone like a Disney character, like Pocahontas or something like that.

Vicky: I think I'd be Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous actually.......oh darling! (laughs)

Abby: I'd be Tank Girl!

GIRL: Vicky, if you only had a minute to live, what would you do?

Vicky: I think I'd gather all my favourite people in one room and have a big group hug!


Vonda: Capricorn
Abby: Aries
Vicky: Aquarius

** Abby's fave bands include Radiohead & Smashing Pumpkins.
** Vonda is the most organised and "girlie" member of the group.
** Vicky's musical influences include Patti La Belle & Madonna.

- Annemarie Failla & Michelle Palmer


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