Daphne & Celeste - Dec 2000

They have a debut album titled 'We Didn't Say That!' One of them has an obsession with Guess clothing and Milky Way Bars, and the other is known as 'Diet Coke Girl' because she's addicted to it! They are Daphne and Celeste, the 'do what you want', new attitude chicks ready to take the world by storm! We spoke to Daphne to find out if they really are the 'the best thing that happened to pop since the Spice Girls became boring'!

Q: How did you meet Celeste?

Daphne: We've known each other forever.

Q: How old were you both at the time?

Daphne: We were about eight years old.

Q: Were you expecting 'Ooh Stick You' to be such an international success?

Daphne: We didn't know what to expect. When everyone caught on to it, we were so excited.

Q: How did your second single 'Ugly' come about?

Daphne: Well, the idea of making a song out of a 'cheerleader chant' came up, and Celeste and I only knew the U.G.L.Y chant, so we made a song out of it.

Q: Have you had many complaints over the lyrics? Let's face it...it's a bit nasty.

Daphne: We've had a few actually. People are upset because it promotes bullying and that kind of thing, but it was only supposed to be a joke. No one was supposed to take it seriously!

Q: Do you have a certain outlook on life?

Daphne: Be happy and do what you want.

Q: What inspired your debut album 'We Didn't Say That!'?

Daphne: Fun.

Q: How did you find touring the UK with Steps?

Daphne: That was great. The guys were fantastic, they were so nice. It was fun being on tour with them.

Q: Is there anybody really famous that you'd like to meet?

Daphne: I haven't met anyone famous yet that I'd love to meet. But I'd really love to meet Madonna, she's great.

Q: Apparently you guys are the 'best thing to happen to pop music since the Spice Girls became boring'. Would you agree with that?

Daphne: I have to!

Q: Do you have any fetishes?

Daphne: I love Diet Coke and shoes...I love shoes.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about you or Celeste?

Daphne: Celeste has an unhealthy fetish for peanuts! She can't get enough of them.

- Olivia Belvedere


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