EXCLUSIVE Sugababes Interview

EXCLUSIVE Sugababes Interview

The Sugababes continue to redefine pop music. Aside from their fresh and unique delivery of smooth, streetwise sounds, the Sugababes are 'keeping it real' and are a force to be reckoned with! Their latest release, a re-working of Adina Howard's hit single "Freak Like Me" went straight to the Number One position on the UK charts - not bad for three girls still in their teens!

Direct from the UK, we bring you this EXCLUSIVE interview with Sugababes band member Heidi Range.

GIRL: Your current single "Freak Like Me" has been extremely successful in the UK charts for a number of weeks and is performing well in other parts of the world. Did you ever imagine that it would receive such a huge response?

In the build up towards the release we had a lot of support from all the radio stations and also excellent reviews in the press and we were the most played video on MTV in the UK. People kept saying it was gonna be a Number One but we tried not to listen and just kept focused on our music.

GIRL: What do you enjoy the most about touring?

Performing in front of a large crowd is the best buzz ever, it's so nice to see people singing your songs back to you and holding up banners with your name on. It's a great way to meet your fans.

GIRL: How do you prepare before going on stage? Do you have any special rituals you do together?

We often give each other a hug at the side of the stage and say a prayer.

GIRL: Unlike a lot of other UK pop acts, you have a prominent English accent when singing. Is it important to you to retain your English sound rather than adopt an American sound?

At the end of the day we are a British band and the type of stuff we write about is about our backgrounds and culture. We are big fans of a lot of American artists though and we hope they like the sound of our British music.

GIRL: What has been your favourite Sugababe performance to date? And where was it?

As a group we are getting stronger in our performances so each performance we try to better ourselves. For instance we did a show yesterday in front of 75 thousand people and it was absolutely amazing!

GIRL: What was the first song you ever learnt to sing?

"The Glory of Love" from my favourite film "Beaches" or probably "Happy Birthday!"

GIRL: What separates the Sugababes from other girl bands?

We don't focus on trying to be different from other girl bands, we just experiment with different sounds and write about what we know. I think people pick up on the fact that we are being ourselves and keeping it real.

GIRL: The name Sugababes stemmed from your love of sweets. Are you still comfortable with the name?

In the beginning everyone called us Sugababes because we always ate baby food in the studio but now we are getting a bit older and turning into young women, they focus on the 'Babes side as being sassy chicks.

GIRL: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Hopefully Bondi Beach in a couple of month's time!

GIRL: What would you like to say to your fans in Australia?



Full name: Heidi India Range

Nickname: Tinker Bell
Star sign: Gemini

Fave Food: Seafood
Fave Film: Beaches
Fave Artist: Alicia Keys / Lauren Hill

Describe yourself in 3 words: Happy / Smiley / Girlie
Best Feature: Bum
Worst Feature: Don't like to focus on that, thank you very much!

Your Ideal Guy: Justin Timerlake / Brad Pitt
Hobbies/Interests: Swimming / Running / Socialising

A talent you wish you had: I wish I could turn my ear inside out like Keisha
The best advice given to you: Keep your feet on the ground
Which cartoon character best describes you? Mini Mouse
If you had a minute to live, what would you do? Phone my mum

- Annemarie Failla & Michelle Palmer