Atomic Kitten cont'd

Our first single 'Right Now':

Kerry: The reason I think why 'Right Now' was brought out, it was the very first song that all three of us actually heard. When I first joined the band that was the first song I heard and that was kind of like the song that we all learnt first and that's the song that's been with us from the start and we just felt it was right to use 'Right Now' right then.

Natasha: Because plus it's got a seventies feel to it so it just captures the imagination of all like the older generation because they think 'oh I remember when I was young and songs like this.' And it's so catchy you just can't help but like start tapping your foot and moving your body about. It just clicks on so... it just fits in with everything, it's just a proper feel good song.

The 'Right Now' video:

Kerry: The video that we done to our new single 'Right Now', we done two days of filming round London just running round going mad, going mental, being three normal teenage naughty girls. And then the next day was a 22 hour day non stop working in a studio with a fantastic set. Everyone was fantastic, we had such a laugh, but it was very very hard work. We was up at 6 o'clock in the morning and we never got to bed until 4 o'clock the next morning. So we were very tired but we had a laugh.

Having a Top 10 Hit:

Natasha: When our song got into the top ten we were so...

Kerry: Wow...

Natasha: totally gobsmacked. We couldn't believe it, we weren't expecting it, we were hoping like we'd get into the Top 20 let alone Top 10. We were so buzzing now, I mean our Christmas present got brought early, that's all I can say.

Kerry: It was great, it was fantastic, it was dead good!

What makes a good pop song?

Liz: A secret of a good pop song, I think what you need for a good pop song...

Natasha: Good singers!

Liz: a cracking tune. People also go on about our lyrics, that they think they're a bit rude. It doesn't matter whether they're rude or not, they're fantastic words, they rhyme, they sound good, they make you tap your feet, they make you want to dance so there. So that's what you need for a good pop song.

Our next single:

Kerry: The next song that we're going to be bringing out is absolutely fantastic, it's just as good as 'Right Now' if not even catchier. So be careful, it's more in your face that what 'Right Now' is so just watch out, watch this space.

Liz: It could be mixed with another song 'cos it might be a double A so just wait and see.

Natasha: But what we're going to say is boom wacka!

Our album:

Natasha: Our album is coming out mid June, we haven't got a name for it. Us girls are going to call it...

All: 'Fan Funkin' Tastic'...

Natasha: ...but I doubt we'll be able to.

Liz: 'Fan Funkin' Tastic'.

Natasha: We recorded our album in two different studios, our studio in Liverpool and one down in London called...

Kerry:...Absolute. The producers that we've actually got at the minute is Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw and also a fella working with us called Pete Craigie.

Liz: And also Absolute.

Kerry: Yes, they produced 'Right Now'.

Liz: Absolute are also very well known for doing the Spice Girls which they did a fantastic job on.

Kerry: 'I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want...' (etc)

The name Atomic Kitten:

Natasha: How the name Atomic Kitten came about is that we used to have a clothes designer and her name was Mary Lamb and her clothes label was called Automatic Kitten and the band had been through a few names and we weren't happy with them so we asked Mary if we could lend the name Automatic Kitten and she said yes. But when we were on stage it was a bit of a mouthful so clever clogs blondy said 'what about Atomic?' And there you go, that is it.

Liz: But every teenager we think is an Atomic Kitten, one day they want to be loud like an atomic bomb, one day they want to be quiet like a little kitten and we are also an Atomic Kitten, every single one of us so that's why we are normal teenagers.

Our image:

Kerry: We wear what we want, it depends how we feel the next day. I might wake up tomorrow thinking I want to get dressed up, put like a skirt on, like a pair of heels, a little top, a bit of lippy. You know, the next day I might wake up put a trackie on, some trainers, no lippy, it depends how you feel, it depends what we want to wear.

Liz: The way you look is very important I think myself personally.

Natasha: It is important but not to the extent where it's like 'oh no what am I going to wear?'

Liz: If you can't find something to wear just wear what you did yesterday.

Kerry: Yeah I had these on yesterday, I had these clothes on yesterday. I had the same socks on as well 'cos I can't find any clean ones this morning.

The advantages of being a trio:

Kerry: The advantages of being in a girl band with three people is three's company and four's a crowd man. The advantage of being with these two is fun, excitement, non-stop laughing, watch...

All: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Our friendship:

Kerry: Our friendship is sisters.

Liz: Sisters, sisters...

Kerry: It is, I mean when we stay at hotels we're supposed to have a separate room each but not just 'cos we want to save money we all sleep in the same room because we really sincerely miss each other. We've done it once and we all ended up in the same room anyway. So we have a laugh and we always have big parties back at our hotels which we keep getting shouted at for 'cos we keep partying too much but never mind.

Our ambitions:

Kerry: Our ambition is to get a number one.

Natasha: But even if that never happens we'll still really, really excited and proud to be the age we are and already have a Top 10.

Kerry: Yeah, it would be fantastic to get... like you have these awards like Best Newcomers, Best Single, I think it would be fantastic to get Best Album, that would be the best.

Natasha: Or Best Band in the Universe. Best Selling Album babe.

Liz: Whoah!

Kerry: It would be a big ambition of all three of us if we made it international because that would be amazing to go into another country where we've never been before and people to actually recognise us and know us and respect our music man.

Liz: Oh yeah, whoah!

Natasha: There you go.


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