Bump 'n' Grind with BJ!

If you thought singer/songwriter BJ Caruana was a one-hit wonder, then you'd better think again! The gals got style and is back, with a revamped image and groovy song set to alight dance floors across the country for a second time! Following the previous release of party favourite "Dance All Night", BJ unleashes her second single "Bump".

The Ed's from GIRL spoke with this down-to-earth disco diva in this entertaining interview!

GIRL: How did it feel to hear your song "Dance All Night" played all over the airwaves and in station ID promos, following its release?

I got a big buzz out of that, you know, waking up in the morning and hearing "Dance All Night" on the radio! The first time I actually heard my song on the radio, I was sitting in the car with the musical director from 2Day FM in Sydney. It was quite bizarre because I kept saying, "this is the first time I've heard my song on the radio" and he was like "what planet are you from?" (laughs)

GIRL: Why did you decide to go Blonde? Is it because Blondes supposedly have more fun?

Yeah babeeeeeee! (laughs) I'm sort of a natural blonde and I just decided on a change. My mum is a hairdresser and I've always been addicted to colouring my hair. So who knows what it's going to be next week? I'll try and stick to blonde for a little while I think.

GIRL: Is there an album on the way soon?

Yeah the album is finished and I'm really happy and proud of it. It's coming out in February.

GIRL: BUMP was originally an R&B track. How then did it progress to becoming an 80s-tinged dance track?

I wrote it four years ago and it was just a song that was left on the shelf for awhile. Then we re-worked it and did three versions of it and didn't know where else to take it. We gave it to Michael Szumowski and he gave it a whole new fresh approach. When he sent it back we were like WOW, so we changed the whole schedule and made "Bump" the next single.

GIRL: Was the line in the song "You must have sore legs 'cos you've been dancin' dancin' round in my head" inspired by a pick up line you heard once?

Someone else asked me that recently but no it's my own line! (laughs)

GIRL: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Prince - I don't want much!

GIRL: Any there plans for a duet with somebody?

No, but I'm all for it! You know, a big Walt Disney smash! (laughs)

GIRL: What gave you the inspiration to write BUMP? Was there a particular instance that inspired this new single?

When I wrote the song, I just wanted a publishing deal so I was writing all these songs for other people. I actually had a 16-year-old boy in mind, he was an artist signed to a record company that asked me to write a song for him. So I was keeping the lyrics young and trying not to be overly experienced. That's why the lyrics are obviously in baby language. That was the inspiration for it. "Bump" is one of those songs that when I heard the piece of music, I just channeled and wrote the song in 15 minutes, which sometimes happens and is great.

GIRL: Is there anything you wish you could change about the music industry?

I guess one thing I'd like is to maybe be in a different category to acts such as Holly Valance etc. They are dancers, they don't actually sing. I guess I'd like to coin another phrase and maybe call them "dance artists" and I could be in the category of "female vocalists".

GIRL: Do you have a website fans can visit?

Yeah the address is www.destinovarecords.com.au.

GIRL: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Actually both of those are my favourite things to do. The thing I love the most is actually writing the songs, then recording them straight away. So I get the buzz of leaving the studio and having another little gem created. Performing live, I get a whole different buzz out of it - I'm just starting to see people singing all the lyrics to my song when I am performing. The energy of performing live on stage is the best.

GIRL: Have there been any challenges or have you faced any hardships along the way to your newfound musical success?

Probably just being sidetracked and getting involved with the wrong kind of people who really didn't have much to live for except for having a good time. I never lost sight of what I wanted to do though.

GIRL: What is a typical day like for you these days?

These days - waking up in Sydney and ending up in Melbourne! Chatting to a whole bunch of people in between and maybe doing a gig in the evening. But it's always changing - I can have two weeks where I am really busy, but then there'll be weeks where I'm not doing much, just relaxing.

GIRL: What has been your favourite part of becoming a signed artist?

Getting airplay, I guess the lifestyle of never being bored - I get to do what I love and everyday is different. The people I have met have been amazing. Yeah but no limos yet! (laughs)

GIRL: So do you think that when you are "that big" you'll be really demanding?

[in character] I only want brass fittings and pink lampshades in my dressing room! (laughs) Yeah I'll be that demanding for sure!

- Annemarie Failla & Michelle Palmer


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