Myra - Oct 2001

Myra - Oct 2001
Miracles Can Happen if you believe...
Fifteen year-old Myra is the first signing to Buena Vista Records' new pop label. Her self-titled debut album will be released through FMR later this year.

The first single off Myra's album is the poptastic "Miracles Happen", also the featured song in the film The Princess Diaries, produced by music diva Whitney Houston and directed by Garry Marshall (Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman).

The gals at had the opportunity to chat with Myra about her hopes for the future, her family and her idol - Whitney Houston! Read on....

60 second quiz

Name: Myra

Born: California
How many in your family? Seven
What do you love? I love school
Star sign: Gemini

Fave Food: Pickles
Fave Artist: Freddie Prinze Junior
Fave Animal: Winnie the Pooh

Describe yourself in 3 words: Happy, Crazy, Bubbly
Best Feature: I love my hair
Worst Feature: Cleaning Up my Room
Who would you like to meet: Selina, she is a big inspiration to me

A job prior to being a singer: No other job
A talent you wish you had: I wish I could swim

Best advice anyone has ever given to you:
To be very patient and just wait your turn, yeah it'll come; you just gotta wait and work very very hard for that turn to come around
Your fave Cartoon Character: Winnie the Pooh
If you had a minute to live, what would you do?
Give my mum and Dad a hug I guess and all my sisters a hug and a kiss also.. he he
How many sisters do you have?
I have two

Girl: What would you do if you were a princess for a day?

I'd go to Canada, Africa, Mexico, and Cuba and take medicine, buy clothes and a lot of cool stuff!

Girl: How old were you when you first got signed?

I was 13, right now I'm 15.

Girl: How did you celebrate when you received the news that you first got signed?

Invited all my friends over and just laughed and talked and celebrated.

Girl: Whitney Houston is listed as one of your role models, what do you love the most about her?

She's a very talented woman, she sings incredibly, she's not just doing the singing she's doing the producing and doing the movies and all that!

Girl:How would you react if you were asked to record a duet with Whitney Houston?

I'd totally do it, I'd be very excited! Unlike any other person she's amazing.

Girl: What was the first song that you ever learnt to sing?

It was from a Spanish soap opera with a title that means "Pink Shoes" in English.

Girl: How important do you think it is for young people to follow their dreams?

It's really, really important, especially because life is only given to you once so you have to do everything you can in the world that you have ever wanted to do because you don't wanna get to the point where you regret many of the things, you know? You have every single chance to get what you want 'cos you never know where it (life) can take you and what adventures it can take you on and what rides await you.

Girl:How are you dealing with your sudden fame and fortune?

It's going good, I'm just trying to do everything the right way, my mum always keeps my head down to the earth, and I'm very blessed to have my mum.

Girl: Have you encountered any downsides to the whole fame game as yet?

You have to know that there is going to be downsides and upsides, there's a little bit in everything. I mean you have to know the downsides and no matter what, you have to just do the hardest work you can and love it!

Girl: Is it true you're recording a Spanish version of your debut album?

Yes, it's true.

Girl: That's a lot of hard work for you to do it twice!

Yes, it is.

Girl: How instrumental have your parents been in moulding your singing career, sounds like they have been quite involved?

Oh, yes they have been 100% - 110% involved in my career; they're my life.

- Michelle Palmer & Annemarie Failla